Exercise: Intense Fitstar yoga session

OK there is this move in yoga called sundial but to get ready for it you have to stick your knee behind your shoulder. Yes you just read that right. Crazy! I can’t even get close. If anyone knows any stretches to help out my hips to get that flexible please let me know.

It was my friend’s birthday so we all went out for a really nice dinner. I probably should have skipped dessert but we all (8 of us) split three desserts so I figured it could have been worse (since I normally get one to myself). I stayed away from the pastas and got duck with vegetables, all and all it was a nice small portion. I think I did ok. I never go out so this was nice.

Song of the day: Burnin’ it down by Jason Aldean

Good thing of the day: Getting your workout done early. It makes me feel ready for the rest of the day.

Annoying thing of the day: I am just not a fan of being late but I am always late. This is something I would like to fix.