So I have been overweight for many years I have never been a "small girl."  I've started my journey on and off for many years now and I always ended up regressing into old habits and pity parties until I felt like it was time to start again. This time is different, this time I am not doing it to impress anyone but myself. I want to know what this body is capable of and what genuine health feels like. I have been weight lifting for about a year and a half and seeing results in strength but not a lot in weight. But the problem isn't in the gym, the problem was in the kitchen or lack of time in the kitchen. I am a college student and like most my days are packed with classes, assignments, meetings, and anything else I can fit in. My priorities haven't been placed very high for my diet. Most of the time I would find myself going out to eat or grabing something at the student union in between classes. About a month ago I decided to change what I was eating and pursue the proper nutition that my body is suppose to have. Since then I have lost 12lbs bringing my total weight loss from my highest weight in August to 27.6lbs. I am in my second week of my first diet bet and things seem to be going well. The next few weeks are going to be very stressful with the semester nearing the end but I hope to be able to channel that stress into my workouts. Heres to the next 25lb!