Kicking sugar to the curb didn't work as planned. I lasted a day....whoops. Yesterday at the office there were scones for breakfast, pizza for lunch, and then cookies a little later. Mmmm cookies.

Cold turkey clearly isn't going to work for me.  Here's the new plan for phase 2 of the challenge - 1 day without sugar, 1 day with sugar, 2 days without sugar, 1 day with sugar, 3 days without sugar, 1 day with sugar, repeat from beginning.

That means that today and Sunday I cannot have sugary snacks (2 days without sugar), but on Monday I can have a human sized (not a cow sized) portion of sugary snacks. I don't want it to be a total binge day, so I'm going to aim for 300 calories of something sweet. This way I'll always know that a sweet snack is just around the corner and I'll (hopefully) be able to implement some short term impulse control.

Here's to trial & error and figuring out what is going to work for me and this nasty sugar problem!