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The Rebound & The New Plan
by - 04/18/2015 4:24AM

Kicking sugar to the curb didn't work as planned. I lasted a day....whoops. Yesterday at the office ... Read More ›

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Sally B

Sugar IS nasty and eating it makes me crave more. I've blogged about my attempts to drop sugar in the last few weeks. I can see now how it negatively impacts me. It takes effort to not eat sugary stuff, but I want to be healthy more than I want sugar. I wish I had realized it when I was your age. I'm 35 years older than you and have been a sugarholic for all my life...."Hi, my name is Sally & I'm a sugarholic" Kick it out the door!

Alessia S.

Maybe a fruit pizza would help satisfy sweet cravings without completely sabotaging your progress :)
The Breakup
by - 04/16/2015 1:02PM

It's over. I'd like to comfort you and tell you the classic "it's not you, it's me", but it's you. I... Read More ›

Confessions of a 25 Year Old Sugar Addict Part 1
by - 04/05/2015 5:42AM

As I was eating cookie dough for breakfast, I realized I have a problem.  I don't think it's necessa... Read More ›

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Sally B

You can do it. Kick sugar out the door. I'm a sugarholic & have been working on quitting sugar completely in the last few weeks. I checked out 3 books from my local library which helped me: "Sugar savvy solution : kick your sugar addiction for life and get healthy" by High Voltage (yes that's her name) and "Eat for health : lose weight, keep it off, look younger, live longer. Book 1 and 2" by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. Sugar Savvy has a soup you make & eat to cleanse your palate (get your taste buds to switch from craving sugar to better, healthier stuff). I made her soup (one recipe lasted me 4-5 days). I dropped weight and wasn't hungry. Now I'm reading the Eat for Health book & starting to implement it in my diet. Sugar is in just about every packaged food. I'm switching to mostly vegetables, beans, fruit and some meat and nothing processed. I experimented this week & ate a huge chocolate bar. I got headachy,felt lousy, & started craving sugar again. Make the change; you won't regret it!