After not achieving my first diet bet goal by 0.7lbs. I was super disappointed. SO CLOSE. I took some time to reflect and now I am back to finish up another one month diet bet (which I am pretty far from that goal so I am just sticking to my schedule and not stressing over it) and to work on the transformer. I want to write a blog once a week to hold myself accountable for my diet and my exercise. So I am going to list my exercise plan for the week and then the following week report back to you all on how good I did on sticking to my exercise plan and what cheats in my diet I allowed. I am hoping this might help me focus on my weak points. 

Please note since I don't like to work out in a gym some days might be switched around depending on weather (for instance if it is calling for rain on Wednesday then I will run on Tuesday instead).

Exercise plan for April 20-26th

Monday: Yoga (~40min) and rolling on the foam roller ~20min. Still super sore from the 8.0miles of downhill running in the race this past weekend.

Tuesday: Run 3miles and do ~20min yoga/stretch, roll out for ~20min in the evening. Horseback riding in afternoon.

Wednesday: Yoga (~40min) and a 20min fitstart workout. Horseback riding in morning.

Thursday: Run 4mile loop and do ~20min yoga/stretch, roll out for ~20min in the evening. Horseback riding in afternoon.

Friday:  Yoga (~40min) and a 20min fitstart workout. 

Saturday: 6mile long run (slow and easy)~20min yoga/stretch, roll out for ~20min in the evening.

Sunday: Yoga (~40min) and rolling on the foam roller ~20min. 


On the weekends if the weather is nice I will also put in a least an hour at the garden or go for a walk with a friend's dog around town. 


As for my diet this week I have two planed cheats but I will try to be smart about them and fit them into my calorie count for the week.

1) Chipotle on Wednesday. We do not have one in town and I am driving a friend 1.5hrs to the airport so that is my treat.

2) Friday night dinners. This happens once a week with my friends, it is pot luck style. I will try to eat smaller portions and skip desserts or take them in a doggy bag to eat on Saturday after my long run as a treat. 


If anyone has any tips to help me out please feel free to comment below.