Is your behavior (eating and otherwise) driven by stress?
This is from an email I got from a mentor of mine (and I added a few of my own thoughts)--I found it very valuable and thought I'd share with you.
Every emotional experience we have is 1 000% due to our own belief structures, value judgments, expectations projections and attitudes that we bring to each situation and experience. Those are the things WE control. They are manifestations of our FREE WILL.  We willfully choose them. 
What is stress for one person is not stress for another person. Our REACTION--based on our inner beliefs and values is what drives that stress. 
Our emotional responses to stress are NOT inherent in action but the expression of OUR OWN beliefs, values expectations projections and attitudes
We hold incredible FREE WILL with the choices we make, the beliefs we form or accept, the value judgements we make, the expectations we hold, and the expectations we impose. 
Those free will choices are what create the buttons within us that get pushed from stress.
If we create those buttons we can destroy them. 
If you feel stressed, ask yourself why?
Trace it down.
Find out what is at the very bottom--then change it. Change your core belief/value/judgement/expectation/attitude about the stressor and the power it holds over you--and that stress will disappear.
It is about how you REACT to the situation.
And then Stand in Your Power