Hi everyone!

My name is Tayla and I'm from Rhode Island. Here is a recent picture of me with some adorable cows at a bakery nearby my hometown (haha, of course I was at a bakery)...

I am currently a Junior at Bryant University. I started my weight loss journey freshmen year of high school when I weighed in at a whopping 225lbs at my first ever Weight Watchers meeting.

Over the course of the next year, I had lost 70lbs and weighed in at my lowest ever, 155lbs. I was so proud of myself. 


College. Ever hear of the freshmen 15? IT'S REAL. Except I somehow managed to gain the freshmen 30. Now, as a junior in college, I have been fluctuating between the weights of 145-170 for the past few years. 

I'm trying to finally get to my goal of in the 140lb area and STAY THERE! 

I'm really hoping the motivation to make my goal happen will come through sharing my story and daily struggles that you guys can relate to. 


I'm sure a lot of you can relate to having some serious self esteem issues. I'm working hard on trying to improve in this area as well! I have never been comfortable with my body because since I was so heavy at a young age, I have extra skin on my legs, arms, and stomach thats really discouraging even when I'm dropping pounds. I hope I'm not alone!


Share your stories with me! I'd love to hear about you all :-)