It's the beginning of week three in my first ever dietbet. Week one was a complete struggle, however week two I managed to drop a few pounds! I only had about 3lbs left to go before I had already reached my dietbet goal, however I just had a really rough weekend and I am beyond nervous to step on the scale again (I weigh myself once a week - usually on Friday!)

Although I over ate this weekend, I had a great time with friends and family and I tried to keep my indulgences healthy with things such as veggie chips or some Halo Top ice cream. Last night, I went a little overboard with late night snacking since it is finals week, but I am looking to make up for that today at the gym. 

Now that week three is upon us, I am really trying to not let the weekend ruin the rest of my week! I know that I have to keep moving and stay motivated in order to be successful. Let's kill it this week!