I really want to end 2016 strong, I owe it to myself. For the past 20 years I have been losing the same 10 kilos over and over again. I think my jojo dieting story isn't much different from anyone elses. 

But I am more determined then I used to be. I quit smoking nearly 6 months ago and I got my 10 kilos back + some. I have been working on my mindset past couple of months. Now its time to look at my food choices.

I eat healthy, rarely eat take out or junk food but I'm a volume eater. So I've descided to join weight watchers again to watch my portion control. But I need to be accountable as well. When browsing around I got the idea of keeping an online journal again in this blog.

Just register everything I eat in this blog and put it out in the open. I'll make pics of everything that goes into my mouth and post smartpoints as well. It's only 23 days in a lifetime. I can nail this! This is my personal advent challenge for December. Who wants to join me?