I was thinking this morning about motivation.  This DietBet has definitely motivated me, but that was just a part of the picture.

I had lost over 20 lbs. from February until May, then played with the same 5 lbs. up and down since then.  I couldn't seem to get my mindset back no matter how hard I tried.  

Then I decided to write a list of "why's".  Why did I want to lose weight?  And they had nothing to do with a number on the scale.

I am a Christian, so my faith is a part of this list.  If this offends you, you may just pass this one over. :)

1 - Better-fitting clothes.  I have a closet with a few items that I have had for way too long while I waited to lose weight.  In my efforts to keep organized I decided if I didn't lose weight by my birthday this year (which was in July), I would give those away.  Well, I did lose weight, so they are still waiting for me!  I have been able to move a few of them into my bedroom closet and it is nice to be able to wear some "new" clothes.

2 - Better sleep.  I don't know about you, but I sleep better when I haven't stuffed myself with sugar.

3 - More energy.  Sometimes when I get up, I'll blame my aches and pains or sluggishness to my age.  But the truth is - it's my weight and my eating!  Even though I am still very overweight, I have more energy because I'm giving my body the kind of fuel it wants and needs.  How do I so quickly forget how good it feels to have energy?!

4 - Sound mind.  Good body fuel feeds the mind as well.  My thinking is clearer and my attitude is better when I'm taking care of myself.

5 - Closer walk with God.  If I am overeating, it means I'm not going to Him with my problems.  It also means I'm allowing food to be my comfort instead of my relationship with Him.

6 - More effective use of my time.  Instead of baking or spending time at the store getting junk food, I can do other things that have a better reward!

7 - Saves money.  We say healthy food is more expensive than junk food, but not really. As an example, I could spend $2.00 on a basket of strawberries or $2.00 on a box of cookies.  Yet how often do I buy the cookies?!  

8 - Prevent physical disability and health problems.  I don't want to develop diabetes, which leads to other major problems.  I don't want to have to use a walker or wheelchair because I can't walk due to choices I made of what I put in my mouth!  I don't want to die of a heart attack or some other obesity-related problem.  

I'm sure you have a list of why you wanted to lose weight.  Sometimes it's a dr. visit or test result, but we all have reasons.  Remember what they are so they can keep you motivated.  Not to mention being a part of this great DietBet community!  That is what put it over the top for me.  Hope it helps all of you, too!