Salad in Jar - a fun free challenge coming soon!

Do you feel too busy and overwhelmed to make healthy, fresh meals?

Do you think it’s easier to grab lunch out of the vending machine, work cafeteria, or drive thru … but feel guilty afterwards?

Are you crazy busy and need easy “grab and go” meals?

My free Salad in a Jar Challenge was created to help even the busiest person navigate being healthy on the go.  I will be giving you my beautiful 30-page Guide complete with over 20 recipes!

This Challenge is all about:

  • Learning how to eat healthy when you’re strapped for time
  • Implementing new habits into your life to keep the trend going
  • Having everyone around you envious of your plate, wondering where you bought that delicious looking meal!

Join my next game - GET RESULTS 20 - Lose Weight with Marcie!  and you will get access to the free Guide and if you participate in the challenge, I will be drawing a winner at the end for a $25 Amazon gift card!

Prep once - eat five times - doesn't get much easier than that.  It is a GREAT strategy for our busy lives and to help us avoid the danger zone around eating on the go.  It is fun to do as a group and helps make sure you follow through on the prep!  And you will end up with 5 salads all prepped and ready to go - and they stay fresh up to a week!

Of course you don't have to participate if you play in the game and you can just download the guide if you want!

Here is a link to my next game  which starts on 9/21 - hope to see you there!