"The best laid plans of mice and men

Go often awry.

And lead us nothing but grief and pain."

- Robert Burns


Today did not go according to my carefully laid out plans.  So many things went awry and it would have been easy just give in to it.  However, I didn't allow it to derail me or bring me grief.

In addition to running a little behind this morning and therefore not having time to make my protein shake for breakfast, I also forgot to charge my Fitbit.  Instead I grabbed some fruit and a Kind bar and made it through the morning.  

After a long day at work which included an unexpected glass of champagne to celebrate meeting a big deadline, I found myself once again rewriting the plan.  Getting home almost 2 hours late meant I walked in just in time for the boys to head out to an impromtu get together with their dad.  By the time they got home, a quick drive thru meal was the best option.  I studied the menu, made the best choice to fit my needs, and stuck with it when it would have been so much easier to go off the rails. (Although I never did get a chance to squeeze in some exercise)

It was not the day I had planned and I definitly struggled through it.  Plan A would have been more satisfying and left me with fewer hunger pangs.  However, it's a good feeling knowing that I am able to regroup and keep moving in the right direction.  

The FitBit has been charged and tomorrow has been planned.  However, those plans are written in pencil because the best laid plans.....