Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie

Referee Jenn

05/12/2016 1:09PM
This looks so good but I'm not a fan of Almond Milk - I had it once and maybe I got the wrong stuff but I didn't care for it. I think it was Vanilla almond milk - maybe I'll try again with the unsweetened stuff because this looks AWESOME. Thanks for sharing!

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Melanie V Byrne

Definitely get unsweetened regular Almond Milk. I figure I can always add natural sweet and Vanilla if I want to. Also look at the ingredients and make sure it's FREE of carageenan. I believe it's a thickener, but it may be carcinogenic or at least cause belly ache in some people. And you could do this with any plant based milk, too.

Referee Jenn

Thanks for the heads up Melanie - I appreciate it!

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