One year ago on September 5th, I enrolled in my first DietBet. I could not have imagined that 1 year later I would be one of the first beta members of the DB maintainers group!

 I was fed up. Again. I've lost 50 or more pounds probably 5 times in my life. I was 59 1/2 years old and depressed at the prospect of being fat at 60. So I set 5 goals:

1. Eat clean, low carb and sugar-free

2. Get body fat to 25 (below "obese" level.)

3. Run a half marathon on my 60th birthday

4. Get down to my drivers license weight

5. Wear my wedding dress from 1975, on my 40th anniversary.


Missions Accomished! With the accountability that I received from diet bet, low-carb Facebook friends & others, I hit every goal that I set out to achieve this year.  Lost over 75 lbs. & I feel fantastic. I even blew out my knee soon after the half marathon, but because my weight & Health are so good, I have made a rapid recovery. My body fat is at 25% from a high of 38%- Blood work/cholesterol and BP are excellent. I take nothing but a vitamin pill each day. And I intend to keep it that way. I'm happy to share what I've learned over a lifetime of gaining and losing weight, and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I've tailored a way of eating that works for me- and the biggest miracle of all  is that the cravings for carbs and sweets are virtually gone. I'm sugar-free for year now and loving life. Looking forward to sharing with everyone this next phase of the journey -including weightlifting and strength training - and beating the statistics that say maintaining weight loss is virtually impossible. I'm living it, loving it and feeling strong!