I believe my success participating in DietBet a year ago helped me start a family with my husband! Now I'm hoping to lose the baby weight and then some to be healthy for my little one.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Roasted veggies of any kind

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice cream!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Stationary bike, walks around the block

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat better and move more!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $428.08

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Syd Journey

02/10/2020 10:19AM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
  • We made it to the end friends! This was probably the hardest and toughest month for me personally. January was literally the month to never end lol! I did not end up making my goal, but I DID end up losing 7 lbs in the process of 4 weeks. The holidays and vacationing hit me hard but I’m still proud of us for trying our absolute best! If you didn’t make your goal I strongly encourage you to comment below on how much weight you did lose and one thing you are proud of for accomplishing these 4 weeks. Regardless of the numbers, I’m still so proud of everyone here! I’m not being biased (okay maybe a little) but our group is literally the best. I’m so thankful for everyone here and with you all, I will not give up the fight! And I hope you won’t either ?
    Alright enough of my sappy talk! Let’s get to our prize winners!
    Weekly Workout Challenge Winners $10 Amazon Giftcard: Laney H, Leilani, and Tracie C.
    Weekend Workout Challenge Winners $10 Amazon Giftcard: Michelle-Mamato and Julie D.
    Grand Prize Winners:
    Fit Bit Versa 2: Mary J
    Ninja Air Fryer: Blair (no last name listed)
    Jlab Wireless Headphones: Yuheng Z
    $25 Cash Prize via PayPal: Jared G
    Winners please email me at sydneytrrs@yahoo.com with the SAME email you have set up with your DietBet account so I can make sure I’m gifting the correct person. Thank you everyone for joining me again and I hope to see you in the next one starting February 17th!

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I lost, technically - I’m a half pound away from goal. But I won in my book because I’m down 9.3 lbs, so yay!

Rebekah T.

Yayyy! Great job everyone! I feel like January/ February is always extra difficult especially for those of us dealing with the Winter gloom. Also very jealous of the Airfryer winner :)


01/17/2020 2:24PM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
  • Day 4 of 4 active challenge! Couldn’t make it outside for a walk so I did laps around our family room for 30 minutes while my 11-month old giggled at me 😂


It’s snowing and blowing here so I stepped in place for 2.5 miles while watching Furious 7. Sometimes we have to improvise.

Elizabeth S.

Gotta do what you gotta do! I live in a place where walking outside alone isn’t always possible, so I do figure 8s on my terrace. I find that circles make the inside hip hurt sometimes (the one I’m always turning on) so the 8 pattern balances that out.


01/16/2020 7:19PM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
Thank you to each and every one of you for joining my game and my tribe! I hope you're enjoying it so far and crushing your goals. As I mentioned, for this game, I'm donating $1 per person that signs up. Thanks to all of you, that's $6,301 currently so I need your help! The top 5 charities you all identified are: 1) ASPCA 2) Australian Red Cross 3) St. Jude Children's Research Hospital 4) American Cancer Society & 5) Ronald McDonald House. 

Which one should we choose? Write your vote in the comments section (only one vote per person please) and we'll pick the one with the most votes. Submit your votes by the end of the day on Sunday January 19 at midnight est and I'll announce shortly! Thanks everyone! Together, we can make a difference and happy we all can help others together!

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Brittany L.

Australian Red Cross!

Ash G

Australian Red Cross


01/15/2020 1:41PM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
  • Day 3 of 4 Day Challenge! A 30-minute walk with the stroller on the golf course. It was so warm I eventually had to take my jacket off, which is crazy for January around here!

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01/14/2020 7:54PM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
  • Day 2 of 4 Day Challenge! Not feeling great today but the rain cleared late this afternoon so we went on a family walk before it got dark out.

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01/13/2020 2:18PM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
  • Day 1 of 4 challenge! Took advantage of the oddly warm weather today and went for a 45-minute walk. Our home is near a golf course so when it’s the off season, the cart paths make for great walking trails. I was also pushing my 11-month old in her stroller, which makes climbing the hills extra challenging.

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Megan R.

Yess!! Omg there’s a summer race I run that runs through a golf course and those hills can be brutal!! Happy Monday!!


01/12/2020 6:52PM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
Anyone “restarting”? I fell off the wagon in October after an illness and am beating myself up over the gains. Anyone else have weight loss, healthy lifestyle IG accounts to help them stay focused? I’m open to all the support and suggestions on this journey!! Good Luck everyone

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Persepheny D.

So excited to restart. I did my first dietbet then celebrated getting through it a little too enthusiastically, so now I am working on resetting and solidifying healthy habits. Restarts mean we know our mistakes and biggest challenges and can prepare for it. We are going to crush this!


I’m at this_or_fat on Instagram, which I started in September to keep me accountable

Persepheny D.

01/12/2020 12:26PM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
Hey all Instagramers!!! Let's make a thread of those who want to share their journey!

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Elizabeth S.


Persepheny D.


Persepheny D.

01/12/2020 12:25PM in Smashing Into 2020 with Syd Journey!
Hi! I'm Persepheny, I live in the beautiful PNW and am so thrilled to be joining this dietbet! It's incredible that people from all over the world can join together to support each other in this journey. I am excited to read all about what you all are doing and if we can share some recipes that would be awesome! I am an avide Instagram scroller, thanks to everyone sharing their journey. I can't wait to rock this weightless journey with you all!

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What’s your IG?

Persepheny D.

@pnw.wanderers or @chefs_eckerson

Tina W.

01/08/2020 8:15AM in Fatgirlfedup's New Year Fit Year
  • If you like French toast as much as I do, then this is a must when making healthier choices ❤💚 hint: if you use Waldon Farms syrup it will lower the calories and carbs a smidgen 😝

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Jessikah Elise


Ooooh! Thanks for sharing!
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