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08/22/2021 7:10PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
  • I haven't been actively trying to lose weight for the last week+ and don't think I'll make the next weigh in. I kind of got burnt out on tracking my food. My weight has plateaued of course. My birthday was a few days ago and I know I've been eating too much cake and soda for several days now. I just got back my food sensitivity labs and see my doctor in 2 days. I'm waiting to see what she says, but I am expecting to need to eliminate these foods and maybe others to heal my gut and decrease my chronic inflammation. Hopefully this will help me feel better and lose more weight. I'm really sad about the yeast, blueberries, black tea, garlic and tomatoes. Has anyone else had to do an elimination diet before? I am already mostly dairy free since I am lactose intolerant.

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Paige E.

I’ve had to eliminate eggs, dairy and most wheat products from my diet. It’s tough to be strict about it but any effort has me feeling so much better! It also makes it easier for me to stick with my plan of eating veggies most and real, low-processed foods as much as possible. I hope you see great changes too even though it is work and takes time!


Thanks everyone. I started my elimination last Thursday and have had a constant headache. I have been losing about 0.4lbs a day so I know it is working. Hoping the headaches go away and I start feeling better soon but I know it takes time.

Amanda Panda

08/02/2021 8:57AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
😩 My weight is up. I gained too much to stay in this round. Is it because I'm doing strength training and weights 5- 6x a week? I'm leaner and have noticeable muscle deff now. Still sucks that I missed the weigh in.

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Yes muscle gain can totally do that. Fortunately it’ll all balance out eventually, however it’s a pain at the moment. Kudos to you! You’re doing great. :heart:

Stacia J.

Could be muscle. Could be fluid retention from a heavy lift the day before, higher carbs, not enough water, etc. This is when DB becomes a challenge. The number on the scale definitely doesn’t tell the whole story!

Tracey U.

08/01/2021 10:11AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Do I have to submit a weigh-in to move to round 3 if I’m not going to win round 2? Was almost there, but then overnight I “gained” 4 pounds due to the start of my cycle and hormones. It’s amazing how much that actually plays in for me. I know it’s not a real weight gain and will disappear in a couple days, but I feel like weighing in and claiming it isn’t a positive mental move for me. Want to continue to round 3 because I was doing so well…

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Erin G.

Agree with everyone, tons of water, take some Advil or Motrin and try an early morning cardio workout!!!


Yes wait and weigh tomorrow! I weighed the exact same as last week and decided to submit because I know I’m gonna gain a pound or two due to my cycle he next few days! Good luck and “don’t sweat it” (or do, lol) but you can continue on as far as I understand!

Vegan Dad

08/01/2021 9:40AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
  • I try to be honest on these progress photos, but I know I was sucking in my gut in today's photo. When I get in front of the camera, I think OK I need a neutral gut.. too far out... too far in... "click". Ehh what can you do?

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There’s a before and after for ya!

Natale P.

That's what they call "face gains" though, and you can't fake that! Good work!


08/01/2021 8:49AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
How's everyone's weigh in going?
I weighed myself this morning and am 0.2 lbs from my goal.... Deciding if I should just fast for a bit longer and try weighing myself again at lunch or just eat really healthy today and try again tomorrow morning.

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Erin G.

Do some cardio first thing in the morning, sweat a bit and then weigh in! That always works for me - I usually fluctuate 1+ pounds after a workout


Thanks everyone!

Vegan Dad

07/29/2021 6:35AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
  • We use a lot of dried split peas and lentils and while I was picking those up, I saw a dried bean mix with 16 types of legumes, it said “16 bean soup” and I thought wouldn’t it be fun to make a 16 bean chili, or 16 beans and rice, or 16 bean soup. The packages always say to rinse your legumes and inspect them for rocks. I’ve done this hundreds of times and never found anything… until now! I was eating my 17 bean Chili (I added a tofu crumble for texture (OK it was so I could up the bean count)) and all of a sudden, I felt something “rock” hard between my teeth. You guessed it, it was a rock, but this rock would be impossible for a rookie 17 bean eater like me to pick out of the bag!
    It’s pretty easy to pick out of a line up though… or is it? Lets play a game look at the photo of all the beans and the rock today. Guess which one is the rock, if you want to play on expert mode you can try to identify a few extra (technically they are not all beans, some are lentils, and peas).

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Vegan Dad

“…cooking beans to the point where they are considered edible is more than sufficient to destroy virtually all lectin activity.”- Greger

The fiber in genral can be problematic, but I've been Vegan a long time. I try to get 3 servings of beans (or more) a day and I don't experience abdominal discomfort or brain fog. I do feel more satisfied which is probably one of the biggest drivers for my weight loss

J.J. D.

Oh wow! Also - I gotta get me a 16/17 bean mix!!

Christa S.

07/27/2021 10:32AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Major back injury has me on bedrest for days! This is where water first and veggies most really counts! Hoping I still win this round...

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I’m sorry that happened to you. I hope you get well soon. just remember it’s really the food choices that make us lose the weight exercise is just gravy —so to speak : ) So you’ve totally got this


Oh that is frustrating! I wish for you a speedy recovery. You are focusing on the right things. All the best to you.

Tracey U.

07/26/2021 5:15AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Not going to win this round, but still going to call it a victory! Just getting back from a 2 week road trip, and while I didn’t lose any weight I also didn’t GAIN any weight. Chose not to stress about food but try to make the best choices possible given the location that day. Also made a point to still get some exercise each day. This bet is a long journey and will be back on track for August!

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Heather N.

Same here. Not gonna make it this round, but holding steady and working out. We've got this.


We can do the right things and still not lose weight. I would call going on vacay and not gaining a victory as well! I tend to really enjoy myself when I am vacationing. Kudos to you!

Kristen R

07/24/2021 5:01AM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
School starts again for me in about a week and a half. I don't do very well making time to take care of myself once school starts. I'll be putting in long hours daily and spending more of my energy planning lessons, attending meetings, and taking care of my students. I've set some additional goals for myself so that it doesn't happen (hopefully) this year. I am already pretty good about packing my own lunch & avoiding the cafeteria food, but I'd be interested in what additional suggestions you all might have.

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A mini fridge to fill with fun healthy snacks and sparkling water for a pick me up. Make sure you prioritize sleep as well (easier said than done, right!?) so you’re not getting snacky when you’re tired. Don’t be afraid to pick up pricier healthy snacks if you really need them! Also reminders on your phone to drink water, go get some steps in, have a snack or MEDITATE (so very important) can’t hurt either. I wish you the best. You are doing amazing things!

Kristen R

Thanks for all your great ideas!

Emily L.

07/15/2021 2:54PM in Body Meltdown Transformer - Win a Grill!
Nope. Not making this round

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Vegan Dad

I don't understand, its so soon to count yourself out. You’re in a fight against an opponent you can’t see but you can feel him holding you back can’t you? That why you think you have already lost. You know what that is? That’s you…Your fears, your doubts and insecurities all working against you at every opportunity! Don’t lose heart
While they aren’t easily defeated, they are far from invincible. Drown out the voice of uncertainty with the sound of your own heartbeat. Burn away your self doubt with the fire that’s beneath you. Remember what you’re fighting for. Your worth it.


Hey! You can do this! Give yourself two healthy weeks and watch yourself crush this. You deserve the health you are working for. :two_hearts:
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