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Favorite Health Food: Guacamole

Favorite Sinful Food: Quesadilla

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Gym

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal

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09/11/2020 3:13PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Last October I joined Franny’s Thanksgiving trim down DietBet and lost. I was a month into my keto journey and figured it would be a source of motivation. Well that was 51.8 pounds ago. I’ve lost a total of 70.2 in 11 months. Franny and her IG have been a HUGE motivation. As of this morning I have 2 pounds to go by Tuesday 👏????

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Awesome job!

Luzia V.

Amazing :clap:
Luzia V. accepted the challenge.
09/01/2020 5:16PM in Sweaty September
The pot is now $40

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08/28/2020 7:15PM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Here’s a workout challenge for you to do sometime this weekend. There will be a giveaway if you participate. I’ll be picking two players randomly from the comments to win a boxed of built bars!

    Quick but effective cardio workout ;)

    I want you to pick your level of cardio. If you can run for 5 minutes without stopping I want you to run. If you can only jog (slower pace run) do that if you can not jog please do this as a speed walk. You can do this inside if you have a treadmill or easily do it outside. I finished want you to tell me once completed what you did.. run, jog, walk ETC.
    You’ll be doing pulse squats and lunges between each cardio portion! FYI Pulse squats start by standing with your feet hip-width apart and arms stretched out in front. Perform a squat and hold it at the bottom as you pulse a few inches up and down.

    As always rest when needed and only do these movements if your physical ability allows.

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that took an effort, did it as a jog, heart was a pumping!!


Challenge closed!


08/20/2020 11:33AM in Franny's August DietBet w/ workouts provided
  • Our 2nd challenge is cardio intervals!

    22 total minutes of total work

    1 minute jog, run or speed walk depending on your physical ability
    30 seconds of a slower pace walk

    I’ll be doing this tonight at the park! Remember this can be done at all levels.. if you can not run or jog do a fast pace walk then slow down your walk for the 30 seconds. Etc. Try your best to challenge yourself! Rest as needed. You have until Saturday morning to complete the challenge.

    For this challenge I will be giving away two $25 amazon giftcards! I will be picking winners from the comments of this post. Post a selfie, a screen shot of your activity or just a comment saying you completed the workout.

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Kaitlin B.