My weight is beginning to really hindering my life and needs to change, for myself, and for my family.

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Favorite Health Food: Bacon

Favorite Sinful Food: Bacon

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Surfing... channel surfing

My Approach to Weight Loss: clearly ineffective

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $89.36


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01/04/2022 8:41PM
My liege! The pandemic has forced me to return to DietBet and I was hoping to find you still hosting games. What's up??


03/07/2018 1:35PM
Hello, may I ask what the payout was for the last shame game that I didn't win??


10/22/2017 4:10PM
So KFC (love it!!) I have been stalking your profile (yes I will stalk!!) and I have to say that I think your selfie from game 7 is a little scary, "eat it raw" in a toilet selfie. I think I am getting the idea of what this game is going to be like, this is what I need. Also that pic of the sushi, that isn't dinner or a treat, that's bait!! hahah, love me a sweet piece of salmon though. oh and on the stalker note: love the handlebar mustache!!

Chunky Girl Lan

09/30/2017 1:12PM
Where can I find the weigh in word?


You have to take the full body picture first then you will get the word. It kinda will look like an example but it's the word


09/25/2017 5:22PM
Currently in 3 Challenges. My next one ends 10/2/17. So I'll be joining 10/3/17 (or shortly after). Cheers. Prepping Shame of Thrones Pics now!

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Heather A P

04/09/2017 5:59AM
Hey Fatty, I'm already in 3 games but I've been lurking on yours and kicking myself for not being able to join. Will you be doing another game after this one? I need to get in on it!!! Cheers!


Yes for sure another one, people have been asking and I'm having so much fun with it how could I not! Keep lurking and hopefully we will see you on the next ShameGame

Heather A P

Definitely! See you then.


03/22/2017 3:56PM
perfect spot for your jokes, find these comments: Melissa R. Are you getting a lift, implants, or both? Loosing weight has definitely left my boobs less perky which is the only downside :( Like - about 10 minutes ago - via androidAndy Mine too! My boobs are getting to be like pancake boobs. 😖 Like - about 6 minutes ago - via android


03/22/2017 10:34AM
name change?i burn calories laughing at your comments


02/20/2017 8:20AM
keep going, sign up for another kickstarter! fun having you around, i signed up for


01/30/2017 3:13PM
hey, you lost a bunch, good for you! keep it up!
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