Trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

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Favorite Health Food: berries

Favorite Sinful Food: chocolate

My Approach to Weight Loss: track calories and get active

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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12/29/2020 12:27AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Achieved my personal goal last week of getting back to my pre-pregnancy weight... just in time for the end of the challenge and to find out I'm pregnant again! Hoping to stay on track and gain less weight this time

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Samantha A.



Congrats Avery! Just keep doing what's healthy for you and you'll keep the excess weight off. You've got this!

Vita A.

12/09/2020 2:59AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
What does a girl have to do, to win a giveaway? I have been buying memberships since June and didn't have any luck so far. 😭
I would love love love to win the Apple watch! Fingers crossed

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Biking Syl

They used to have weekly prizes for every transformer and it was possible to win if you diligently submitted photos.
Now the progress prizes are raffled off between ALL members site-wide.

Note that you don't have to be a member to win the transformer-specific prizes. All you have to do is be part of that transformer. But those prizes only come around once per Transformer.

Elizabeth M.

Kasha Y.

10/26/2020 7:44PM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Big things in the works after a month of not big things. I haven’t gained anything, haven’t lost anything. Just basically hanging out since my 40 day restrictions ended early this round (though I’ve still been exercising so I think that’s been a big contributor to why I haven’t gained anything, because I’ve been treating myself more than has been “normal” for me this year.)

I’m starting marathon training! If I get pregnant (fingers crossed!) I’ll have to stop it, but I’m better off starting now than I am waiting inevitably to start it. I’m doing Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 (all his plans are free online) and starting with week 4 so Saturday will be a 9 mile run for me, which I haven’t done since January. I also bought a spin bike (not a Peloton, something similar for 1/6 the price with no tablet but same bike features) so I’ll be doing that for my cross training. I’m having a hard time staying off it since it’s new and shiny!

How’s everyone doing?

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Kasha Y.

Sounds like you’re doing awesome!! Only 5 lbs to personal goal, that’s really amazing-congratulations!


Thanks Kasha :grinning:


08/05/2020 10:22AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Fit into a new pair of jeans today. Only one size up from pre-pregnancy!

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Shannon L.

That’s amazing! Woo hoo!

Ashton Y.

08/05/2020 3:59AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
I'm doing bootcamps 4 days a week and consistently staying within my calorie limits and the scale has NOT MOVED! 😠😠

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Keep doing what you're doing, the scale will catch up!! Always a challenge to be more stubborn than the scale but you'll get there!

Jessica M.

Are you taking measurements or doing progress photos? If you're not losing weight OR inches, you probably need to reduce your calories. But you could be losing inches without losing pounds and the scale won't show that progress!


08/03/2020 8:41AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
  • It’s Labor Day up here in Canada, so I decided to spend my morning on another long run. I’m excited to see that my average pace is down from 13’56” to 13’09”, I’ve shaved off almost a minute and at one point during the run I got up to about 9 minutes/ mile! Not quite as fast as my cross country days, but I’m working on it.

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Congratulations! Super impressive and obviously took a lot of hard work
(PS Labour Day is in September :wink:)


07/29/2020 7:07AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
Six months post partum and started this transformer when I realized I had been gaining weight instead of losing it...
Finally back at the weight I came home from the hospital at! Ultimate goal is pre-pregnancy weight 😁

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Machaela M.

I’m nearly 12 months post partum. After my second baby I lost over 60 pounds. But after I got pregnant with my third I lost my job and became very depressed. I gained 75 pounds after the dust settled with baby #3 :sob:

I’m down 30 pounds from that though!! :muscle:


Congrats Machaela! I feel like this transformer is going to be great to keep us going :)

Kasha Y.

07/24/2020 8:09AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
  • I’ve had a smoothie for breakfast every day since June 1st with raw baby spinach. Yesterday I was on the phone with my mom while I was making my smoothie and she told me I shouldn’t have raw spinach every day because the acid in the spinach can cause kidney stones! Googling says this is true...spinach has a lot of oxalate in it, which can form stones. Coincidentally, one of my friends just had surgery (two days ago) to remove a huge stone that she couldn’t pass after days of trying! I’ll be stepping away from the spinach for a while

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Kasha Y.

I won’t be cutting it, I just won’t be eating it raw every single day.


Try kale in your shake instead, it has much less oxalate.


07/22/2020 10:06AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
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Like I said, this is years of research. I've been studying nutrition for 20 years and pharmacy for 12 years. I left the information here for people who don't have a plan and don't know anything about food tracking. It's a take it or leave it thing. Just trying to help.


07/22/2020 10:05AM in Transform by 2021 - $2,000 in Healthy Food & Cookware Prizes!
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No cognitive effects between groups limited to <40g carbs/day and high carb group after one year.






It's the RDA for carbs. The only organ in the body that is fueled solely by carbs is the brain and that's the minimum brain fuel required. Also, new studies show low carb diets are more prone to causing dementia. So like I said for weight loss and for temporary use there are acceptable reason for a low carb diet but it's not optimal for health and the long term.
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