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Favorite Health Food: Greek Salad (No oil)

Favorite Sinful Food: Fried Anything

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking - outdoors and on treadmill

My Approach to Weight Loss: Small goals...big successes!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Clean Eating

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $493.74

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Syd Journey

07/06/2020 8:31AM in Syd's June DietBet!
  • Good Morning friends! How was everyone’s weekend? It was a warm one here in San Diego which was nice for a change :) . Before I get into our next challenge I wanted to thank everyone here for being so positive and encouraging within our group. It’s nice to see yall supporting one another especially when times are so tough right now.  So thank you!! You are appreciated! Here are our winners for last
    week’s challenges:
    Weekly Water Challenge Winners for a Hydroflask and $10 Amazon gift card:
    Barbs –Hydroflask Water Bottle
    Cait- $10 Amazon Gift Card
    Weekend Workout Challenge Winners for a $10 Amazon gift card: Josh and Terri Jay
    Winners please email me from the SAME email that is listed with your DietBet account. It’s so I can confirm Im gifting the correct person. Please email me at ?sydneytrrs@yahoo…?. Congrats!!!
    For our last and final challenge, I want for us to reflect and write down 3 or more things that they are proud of themselves for accomplishing during this DietBet. It can be anything! Maybe you committed to exercising so many days a week or you reached your water goals daily! Write them down either here, the DietBet Wall or the Facebook Page. Ill pick two winners ?on Monday 7/13 for a $10 Amazon Gift Card! Cheers for a fantastic last week everyone!!

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Betty K.

I am proud:
1) That I have been able to monitor and increase my water consumption.
2) I have had more control over my food choices and volume.
3) I have been able to control my mood more.
4) I have increased the amount of things I have done for others.

Jessica N.

During this dietbet in proud of:
1. Staying committed, even when it hit hard.
2. Keeping up with my water intake, even after that challenge week was over.
3. Sticking to my exercise routine

Ilana Muhlstein

06/18/2020 7:40AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
  • I want you to feel so good and proud of yourselves for being here today. Pledging to this goal is so important. We need to be in peek physical shape to protect and optimize our physical and mental health and wellbeing.
    Just know that this dietbet is a win win!

    There are 2 outcomes that are both fantastic. Either you invested $35 to refocus your energy off of politics and onto a community of supportive people, weight loss and better habits.


    2. You lose 4% or more of your weight in a way that feels energetic, focused, positive and fun and make some extra money in the process.

    Either way you are a winner. Let’s make this fun, inspirational, and uplifting for one another. Let’s cheer each other on more than normal. Let’s post more and like each others posts more than ever before. Let’s not hold back our inner kindness and cheerleader.

    The more positive we speak to eachother, the better practice we have speaking kinder to ourselves. The less judgemental we are of others, the less judgemental we are to ourselves.

    You are a winner surrounded by winners. We all have something to learn from onesnother so please start to share a little bit about yourself in the comments below.

    Where do you live and what is a non scale victory you hope to achieve in the next 4 weeks?

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Cindy D.

I live in Southern California near Ventura and my hopes for NSV is to wear my blue striped summer shorts.

Lauren S.

Hi from North Carolina! - I want to regain my inner confidence that I somehow lost along the way!

Lydia S

06/15/2020 9:55AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
  • I’ve plateaued in the last month but I am READY for this bet. Kick my butt back into weight loss mode!! 💪????💪????💪????

    (Pic is one year of 2B Mindset with a little walking and yoga, -60lbs, -36.5 inches total)

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Good job girl



Shana R.

06/15/2020 7:23AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
Currently 30lbs under my highest weight ever, nothing motivates you like your husband leaving you for another woman! In it to win it!

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Katie C.

Good for lost a lot more weight when you got rid of his dead weight


His loss! Rock this!

Catherine L.

06/15/2020 7:09AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
Hi everyone! Excited to be here! Just noticed that many people are following a specific nutrition program but I am doing my own thing. Am I still allowed here?

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I did not know it was a beach body group until after i joined but I do my own thing.


I also didn't realize that it's a beach body group. However, no matter how you're doing it...we're all on the same journey with similar goals. Being accountable is a good thing. Good luck to everyone! :)


06/15/2020 6:52AM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
Today is my 35th birthday! For the first time ever I won't be gorging myself on pizza and 800 slices of cake!!! Excited to see where this takes me! Good luck everyone!

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Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday!

Ann T.

06/14/2020 8:58PM in June Jumpstart into Weightloss Mode
This is my 3rd diet bet. They other 2 I lost because I gave up. Not going to happen this time! This is the one I win!

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You got this!!!


You can do this!