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DietBet Jen

12/06/2018 10:00PM in Fitbit Fanatics - Why "Weight" for January?
**December 6 Challenge Check In**

If you successfully logged the number of steps equal to your normal daily step goal or the past seven day average, then comment on this post.

From those who comment, I will randomly select a winner. Only this person will be required to submit verification of his/her steps in order to claim the prize. Verification is as simple as a screenshot from your device's app or website. You can use any type of electronic device to track your steps - Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Health Apps on iPhone and Samsung, etc.

You will also need to provide verification of your daily goal, or your seven day average - whichever you used to calculate your step total for the challenge.

 I will notify this person via the email associated with his/her Dietbet account.

This person will then have 24 hours to reply with verification of his/her steps. If no word is received by the deadline, a new winner will be chosen.

You have until 9:30 am EST on December 8 to comment. After that, a winner will be chosen.

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Done :)

Kristin B.

12/04/2018 7:19AM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes! - via android
Not made it again...well it is the season for charity! 😉 Well done for all those who made it and enjoy a skinny latte on me.

Jennifer P. , Cindy P. and like this comment.

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Kristin B.

I'm hanging in there. I am going to plan to catch up this month. Should be easy with all the Christmas celebrations

Cindy P.

Leona Z.

12/04/2018 12:52AM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes! - via android
Just wanted to share with you how important it is to learn to deal with unexpected frustrating or annoying situations -- without stuffing one's mouth with food. No matter how much you'll eat, it will not make the problem go away. As a matter of fact, you will now have two problems: the original one (e.g., a letter from your dentist that you owe them hundreds of dollars) and the consequence of your unreasonable reactive behavior. It's hard to change the pattern but that's definitely something (not only) I need to work on. Next time I get a surprise like this, I will go for a run, rather than for the fridge!

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Maria M.

Oh man you hit me on the day I needed it too. Our family had an accident on Sunday and I’m having a really hard time with it. On my way home from work all I wanted to do was pull over and get some very unhealthy food (since I’ve banished all the worst of the worst from the house. My homemade almond joy fat bombs don’t cut it when I want to have something unhealthy!). You have to cut yourself some slack but I see what you mean about getting away from emotional eating. It’s a hard habit to break!

Angela P.

Oh yes oh yes, frustrated eating is my struggle too!
Alicia R. accepted the challenge.
12/03/2018 4:30AM in Fitbit Fanatics - Why "Weight" for January?
The pot is now $1,375

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DietBet Jen


Katie J.

11/04/2018 8:01AM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes! - via android
This month was a total bust for me for 1000 reasons... all of which are dumb excuses. Reset. Recommit. Here we go!

Dianna , Maria M. and like this comment.

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Alicia R.

Same here! Ready for Round 3... no more excuses!


You got it! I’m right there with you!


10/06/2018 9:05AM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes!
Round 1 has now been finalized! Congratulations to the winners! You will be notified by email if you are a winner and the $14.51 will be added to your rolling winnings for this game. At the end of the game, all of the winnings you've accumulated from each round will be added to your Account Credits.

As promised, here are the top player titles in Round 1. Drum roll, please...
- Overall MVP: Kim B.
- Most Liked Player: Merle H
- Most Generous Liker: Lirpa
- Most Liked Comment: "Managed to hit my first goal already. Beating myself up a bit for waiting this long to start this. I'm amazed at how well I've done. " by Kate

Good luck reaching your goal of 6% in Round 2!

ashley f. , Yvonne and like this comment.

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Alicia R.

My understanding is what Kate said; half of the $25 we paid for the month went to round 1, and the other half went to the overall/final pot... therefore, we each put in $12.50 towards round 1 and made $14.51, so we profited $2.01 each.

This is my understanding anyway, but this is my first transformer, and it is a bit different from a kickstarter. The big payment will come in Round 6, not just monetarily, but because we’ll also all weigh at least 10% less than when we started! :)

Kristin B.

Oh I totally misunderstood. I thought we'd be able to roll over our winnings each month? So we pay $25 each month? Winnings all at the end providing we make it? Geez...now I'm even more motivated :)

Sandy S.

10/05/2018 4:12PM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes! - via android
  • Yay! Finished round 1... and 2 at the same time!

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Jennifer P.

Me toooo!

Tara S.

Nice...your goals are similar to mine. Sadly I didn’t make the round 1 goal. I’m kicking it into high gear after today (Thanksgiving dinner).

Julia M.

10/05/2018 1:16PM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes! - via iPhone
Realizing I have three goals for this Diet Bet.
1. Financial: I want to make back the money I put in. (I paid for 6 months at once, so $125.
2. Emotional: I want to make each monthly goal. Not because of the money, but because I’m competitive and don’t want to lose!
3. Health: I want to make and surpass my weight goal! Because I still have farther to go!

JLynnW , ashley f. and like this comment.

Alicia R.

Julia, my goals are completely identical to yours! I’m less concerned about winning a lot of money on this than I am about getting my initial investment back... and that’s mostly because I’m super competitive and hate to lose!

Julia G.

Yup. Money is a huge motivator for me too. I also give myself a gift with the profit. Last time I did some kickstarters overlapped with a few $100 ones and bought myself custom converse with the profit! Those shoes make me ridiculously happy.


10/05/2018 8:01AM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes! - via iPhone
Ugh!! I missed the goal by .2lbs!! 😭😭😭😭

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Thanks everyone! I’m am just trying to not be discouraged.... I’ve come a long way and really thought I was going to win this one. Time to regroup and get going :raised_hands::muscle:

ashley f.

Don’t be discouraged it’s a journey . We got this !!

Jiggly Puff

10/04/2018 5:59AM in Back-to-school Slimdown - $2,000 in bonus prizes! - via iPhone
Done and verified. I thought I might not make it today because I had salty Italian food for dinner last night. The fact that I had to weigh in today totally slipped my mind. Oops.

Meghan , Maxime H. and like this comment.

Alicia R.

I did the same thing, having a sandwich and a few fries last night—carbs and sodium, yikes!—without thinking about today’s weigh-in. I made it, but barely!

Julia M.

Glad it worked out.
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