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about 6 hours ago in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
I’m way too sober to have two separate children’s birthday parties to attend today. I’m done with one. Making my way through the second. Not sure I’m going to make it. I need all the liquor.

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Oooohhhh hope there was decent cake at least!!!


12/06/2019 12:41PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
I had outpatient surgery and barely ate anything for two days, thus I am up 3 lbs? Seriously? Must be my superpower. Anyway, as resentful and begrudging as I am, I have to log my meals or this will not work. Anyone on MFP that could help a sister out? I feel like I am floating without an anchor to bring me back to earth.

By the by, oxycodone is wonderful.

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I just sent you an invite


I’m MelodyLikeMusic! Add me!


12/05/2019 6:43AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • #tattoothursday Had this done just about a year ago. It makes me happy every day.

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Ian J.

That’s beautiful


MaryMary my husband and I fell in love at the time the song chasing cars by Snow Patrol was very popular. The flowers represent a “garden bursting into life.” And the horizon represents the lyrics “if I lay here would you lie with me and just forget the world.”


12/05/2019 3:58AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty - via iPhone
  • So freaking true...

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Every. Damn. Night.


So much true, and yes, every night.


12/04/2019 5:59PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
  • Hi Fatties I’m Catheryn,Cathy,Cath,Cat from Sydney Australia and this is my second #SG and it’s super awesome to be here!

    I’m married and have two teen boys. I love reading especially YA fiction, Assassin’s Creed, Netflix, gardening, our dog Fudge and cat Kitty and baking cakes, pastries, biscuits and especially pies. I am unfortunately weird in a general way, and I cannot think of any thing too unusual at the minute but I’m sure there is plenty to choose from but I have just become desensitised to it and it just seems normal to me now 😜.

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Is he your Vanna?


Looks like we share the same hobbies :wink:


12/04/2019 4:44PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
#veteran I’ll be #veryveteran next month!

I’ve lost over 75 lbs since August 2018. My goal is to lose another 15. This last bit of weight seems to taking forever to lose. For. Ev. Er. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the bag of popcorn that I just ate. Maybe it’s the Nutella that I dipped that popcorn into. Who can say for sure??

I have a husband and two kids. My “husband” and I are not actually married; we’ve just been together for so long that everyone assumes that we’re married. My kids are awesome mini-mes, although they drive me crazy on a daily basis.

Tonight, I’m momma-bear-ing it a bit. My 5 year old son found a pair of jeans that he absolutely loves. They fit him wonderfully and have his favorite colors (pink and purple) on them as well as sparkles/rhinestones. He was so excited to wear them to school with one of his favorite Star Wars shirts today. Of course, an older kid had to start telling him about how they’re “girl” pants. My son then needed to educate her on the fact that clothing is clothing and there’s no such thing as “girls’” clothes or “boys’” clothes. He also explained that all jeans used to be “boys’” because girls weren’t allowed to wear pants. I’m so proud of my son, but I’m annoyed that his excitement over his new pants was dampened because our society still teaches outdated thinking.

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I'm glad your son educated her! Good job raising a son that is confident enough to respectfully stand up for himself! :heart:


My son has always worn shorts year around. We live in Maine! Ill admit when he was young i was embarrassed! Afraid people thought i couldn't provide warm clothes for him. He's 17 and his garb never changes, lol
Gonnabehealthy accepted the challenge.
12/03/2019 5:40PM in Lose 4% in 8 Weeks (Beta)
The pot is now $2,625

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Gonnabehealthy has weighed in at 160.4 pounds, up 1.2 pounds
12/03/2019 6:05PM in Lose 6% in 3 Months (Beta)

now at 70% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 776 pounds! Average is 5.7 pounds.

Angel F.

12/03/2019 10:21AM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty

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I just said this too a workmate, and they said if you wanna be fair, then extra tasty things should suddenly have double. I punched him.

Angel F.

^ as you should :joy:


12/02/2019 1:38PM in King Fatty Cakes’ ShameGame33 #ChristmasFatty
#FattyRant... I can't submit my official weight bc the app is not allowing me to check that my photo meets all the requirements. I have a photo, it's correct, it is all it says it should be. But no, denied bc I can't click to mark that all is good.

Nothing new.

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Debbie B.

I've had suuuper annoying issues too and they make me do video weigh ins which is annoying like I'm a big fat cheater or something! Lol :laughing: Hmmm I'll have to try uninstalling restarting and installing the app...nah too much work, I'll just email them! ;)


Thank you all for the help. I finally got my weight sent in. I dislike how they ask you to checkmark everything is correct in the app, but narry a word on the website!
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