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01/15/2019 7:55PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
My husband went to bed early, and my kids have been asleep for hours. This is when I usually struggle with binge snacking or drinking wine. And I didn’t do either! I had a nice warm cup of tea, and watched trashy tv. What do you do when you’re unexpectedly all alone?

Danni , Lisa S. and like this comment.


I agree, rare as it is, alone time in the house can be tough to resist. I’ve cut up apple into tiny pieces and sprinkled cinnamon on it. That and hot tea and Halmark movies.

Shannon F.

Omg! I did hot tea and trashy tv tonight too and normally would have been in the wine # soulsisters


01/06/2019 6:55PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
  • Was hard but managed to get through the whole supermarket without adding anything unhealthy to the trolley :) anyone have tips on how to avoid temptation at the supermarket?

Amy P. , Christopher S. and like this photo.

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They say to stay to the outer part of the store. But I think you need to make some exceptions to that. Things like frozen or canned veg are in the middle. So is toilet paper ( which I believe is calorie free). Also at my store the bakery is on the outer edge. I agree with Shannon. Shop online and either pick it up or have it delivered

Krista B.

Eat before you go, or maybe have an recipe you're really excited to make for lunch or dinner. That way you are more focused on getting those ingredients and looking forward to that meal, rather then thinking that chips or something else sounds good.