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I gained alot of unwanted weight during my pregnancy (and before) . Now I am 4 months postpardum and I'm ready to get my life back! It's time to change when you can't recognize yourself in photos.

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Favorite Health Food: Tahini on Sweet Potatoes

Favorite Sinful Food: Sushi

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running, Zumba, Mauy Thai

My Approach to Weight Loss: I am pumped up!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Vegan Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

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Jessica L.

about 10 hours ago in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via android
Good Morning Everyone,
I hope everyone is having a great day today!!! I want to share some information about upcoming games, giveaways, important dates, etc. I'm setting up a fun little game to give you guys a chance to earn extra giveaway entries (which means better chances of winning!!) I will post it up in the next few hours so be on the lookout!
For this game, I will be posting a recipe with a picture attached. I want you all to recreate or copy the dish the best you can. For example, if i post a recipe of a burrito, you can either copy the exact burrito or use the burrito ingredients to recreate something completely unique. I will only be sharing the ingredients and amount of each ingredient, so how you decide to make it is up to you! For proof, take a picture and share your creation with us here on this forum NO later than February 26th at 11:59pm SHARP. The photo that gets the most likes by February 27th, 11:59pm will be one of our 4 giveaway winners.
I ask that everyone is supportive of eachothers creations. We all come from different parts of the world, we are all on different journeys, and we are all unique. Please be mindful of that when commenting or critiquing eachothers posts. You guys are always so kind to each other on this forum and I thank you for that! Thank everyone for being amazing and being here 💚
On February 28th, I will be announcing 4 lucky winners! 2 will be chosen at random to receive a $5 gift card of their choice from options. 1 winner will receive a gift card of my choice 😄 and the 4th winner will be the winner from our Recipe Recreation game shown above. The winner is chosen by whoever's photo has the most likes here on this forum. So it up to all of you to vote!
I know all of this can be very confusing so please feel free to ask questions below.
Also! Be on the lookout in the next few hours for the game recipe so you can get started. The sooner you post your photo, The more likely it has time to get more likes! Best of luck ❤

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Sounds like a fun contest!


Oh em gee this should be interesting


about 12 hours ago in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • YUM!! Avocado from my misfits market box. Follow me on the gram @tamstagram_1

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Jessica L.

This looks yummy! I love avocado on just about everything


02/21/2019 10:26PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • So, this definitely happened tonight, and it was...not graceful. 😆

Jessica L.

Awesome!! I recently got the Jillian Michaels workout dvd and Zumba Strong! Both amazing as well!


02/21/2019 10:08AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • Garlic chicken in cream and cider sauce with air fried chips and asparagus for dinner. We actually got to eat in the dining room this evening for the first time in weeks as it’s been so cold in there even with the heating on
    IG. workingonsami

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Jessica L.

This looks delicious! It has been very cold over here in Idaho as well. Stay warm:smile:


02/21/2019 8:13AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
these pounds are sooo stubborn and I’m always so hungry - what gives??

what are your healthy go-to snacks?

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Regina A.

Intermittent fasting has been working great for me. It cuts out so many exrra calories i was having at night. I mean you might not be the same as me. But i have been doing it for a week and i have lost 4 pounds. . my first month and half of weight loss i wasnt doing it and i lost 12 lbs in 6 weeks which is still good. But i just cant tell you how much it helps. Im growing a better relstionship wth food where before i would pig out and binge for no reason.so i only eat between 1 and 9. Im lookimg forward to the future

Regina A.

So maybe try that.!! I hope that was helpful


02/21/2019 7:51AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • Hah hah - this breakfast of champions. 💪

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Jessica L.

I love your tumbler mug!


02/20/2019 9:32PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via android
Getting tested for arthritis! Omg, the pain....
Full of excuses today. I'm going to bed. 😂

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Jessica L.

I hope you're feeling better today!


I feel ya sister! Hugs

Heather M.

02/20/2019 8:22PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • Tried out a new local gym today :).

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Jessica L.

This is awesome, great workout!


02/20/2019 6:58PM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
  • Sunshine is hit or miss here in Portland, so you definitely have to take advantage of it when you can. Spent about an hour walking on the Columbia with this pretty girl tonight.

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Jessica L.

I loved living in Portland (well Tigard) lol
I hope to go back soon and visit :green_heart:

mandy j.

02/19/2019 12:47AM in Love Yourself Valentine's Day Kickstarter - via iPhone
I feel like my life is going by at 190 miles an hour. I work. I exercise. I eat and I sleep. I don’t even have time to scratch. What I’ve come to realise this past week is that it’s ok to take a time out from life. On Saturday after I finish work I’m going to go into the park and sit and read or listen to the birds. I’m doing the journey fantastically but I’m missing out on experiencing it. There’s more to my life than calorie counting and scales. Just remember to breathe along the way.

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OMG... You're telling the story of my Life! Except... It's too cold here to sit at a park, so my living room in front of the fireplace will have to do :wink: great reminder to just relax!

Jessica L.

Yes :heart: Listen to your body, if you need a break.. no shame at all. Everyone needs a break :smile: I hope you're having a wonderful day
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