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02/22/2021 5:13PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
I’m trying so hard but it’s a fight! We are in Texas and have been affected by the big winter storm. We are warm and fine but still under a boil water advisory and bottled water is hard to come by in our area. Boiled water just doesn’t taste that great...sigh. Trying to ration the bottled water in a family of 4 isn’t great when you are trying to lose weight LOL
It has been a difficult week, but y’all, we are blessed!

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Daniela B.

Hopefully all this exceptional situation will pass soon! Sending thoughts to all of u there

Sabrina H.

Sending you positive vibes girl!


02/16/2021 1:39PM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
  • So bored of my usual workouts so grabbed a cheap one of these! Going to do exactly 20mins later on - genuinely intrigued to see what the Fitbit tells me 20mins jumping rope achieves. Best guess for calorie burn? I’m going to say 150 but who knows! @thehangrydieter on insta if wana say hi :)

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I can jump rope for about 1 minute, and I am in decent condition! 20 min! Good for you! Be careful though, the other day I did 2 min sets of butt kickers and WRECKED my calves! I could not walk for a week!!!


Well I got to just shy of 10 mins and my neighbour downstairs started banging on their ceiling LOL! (It was only 6:30pm) but burnt 72 calories! Well worth it! Absolutely exhausting however! Who knows if I could even get to 20 mins lolllll


02/16/2021 10:18AM in Fatgirlfedup's Fit in February Dietbet
  • Just joined in!! Late, but hey better late than never right?! Hope y’all are doing amazing and have a fabulous week ahead!!!!

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Thank you!! :blush:

Talia M.

Get it!!