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Favorite Health Food: Almond Flour Bread

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza/Donuts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: HIIT workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: Clean Eating at home workouts

My Weight Loss Program: 21 Day Meal Plan

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $47.59

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-0.2% Since last weigh-in-0.4 lbs
-0.2% 1-Month Change-0.4 lbs
-6.9% Lifetime Change-12.6 lbs

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about 3 hours ago in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
  • As we near closer to the end of our game I wanted to touch on the emotional and mental side of weightloss and how IMPORTANT a positive mindset is to overall success. Negative self talk is the absolute worst thing we can do to ourselves. Our bodies and our minds are always listening - and you get to control what they hear.
    So in saying that I’d like to propose a couple challenges:

    •First, I’d like you to write down 5 positive things about yourself. Don’t stop writing until you have FIVE THINGS.

    •Second, I want you to write down 3 ways your life has changed since starting your personal journey to a healthier version of you.

    -Spend a few minutes reflecting on your answers, and also the process of getting to those answers: was it hard to think of 5 positive things about yourself? Why or why not?

    Please share your responses below in the comments ONLY if you feel comfortable doing so ❤

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1. I am very caring, almost to a fault 2. I’m a darn good teacher. 3. I am a supportive and understanding friend 4. When I put my mind to something I am unstoppable 5. I’m a good mom

Theee things I have gained are: evergy, happiness, and excitement back. I think part of me has been dead for a while


The 5 things about me: funny, caring, willing to help others, loving, and a bomb ass mom.

Three things I have gained: that I’m unstoppable, I can do anything, and I feel free to be me


04/17/2019 8:04AM in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
  • WEIGH IN INFORMATION (picture for example 😊)
    SO as you know you are able to weigh OUT for your final weight on either the 21st or 22nd PST.
    A lot of folks have been wondering about Easter weight gain if you’ve already hit your goal or you’re close.
    If you submit an OFFICIAL PROGRESS WEIGH IN and it is APPROVED that weigh in number is valid for 48 hours. Meaning if you hit your DietBet goal on Friday or Saturday and submit an OFFICIAL progress weigh in with photos that number would be valid 48 hours later to use as your final weight.
    ****You still have to go in and submit it once final weigh ins open. ****
    Hope this makes sense ! (official progress weigh ins are only an option for those who paid the extra $5.00 membership at the beginning of the game).

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Mary final weigh in submissions open at midnight on the 21st PST .. and are open until end of day on the 22nd

Laura K.

Anyone else notice the difference in weight between the pic and the read out in this example haha?


04/15/2019 10:00AM in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
  • I’m going to pin this post for the remainder of the game ! When you see it, comment your daily water goal for the rest of this challenge and check back in on Saturday to see how you’ve done !
    My goal is MINIMUM 4L a day 🙌💦

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Ileana C.

Water goal for the day 1 gallon!


I've had a couple days where I didn't quite hit my 4litres (not being able to work out yet makes it harder to get the water in!) but today (pre easter chocolates lol) I'm making sure I get it! Hope everyone else is doing well on their water goals !


about 4 hours ago in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
Ugh, had made my weight on Monday and then up three pounds between then and now. Guess it’s time to watch my salt intake carefully for the next three days .

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maintenance is a whole other level of hard ! You'll get it back considering being up 3 lbs in 4 days is completely water weight so you'll be able to shed that no prob!

Angela S.

Yes salt is an enemy haha

Mayson A.

about 5 hours ago in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
My weight loss stalled so much for 2-3 weeks so I didn’t think it would be possible but it’s finally on the move again!! I’m at the EXACT weight I need to be for weigh in!! Let’s hope I can keep it up but I am not a member for this game!! 😱😄🐇🐣

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I bet you'll be below the weight you need! xo


about 5 hours ago in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
Okay so this is gonna sound dumb but how does water weight work? Do I drink tons of water until the night before I weigh in?

Feeling a little bummed I’m not quite there yet, been eating super healthy and working out daily but I do know I really need to drink more water anyway... Any advice would be awesome. I think at this point I am probabaly gaining muscle bc I look and feel better but the scale is staying put..
Thanks guys

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I'm not sure about what water thing you mean. I have found that the more hydrated you are, the easier the weight comes off.
One thing that has helped me during plateaus are "wind sprints". I run as fast as I can for a minute, then walk a minute. I repeat this for 30-45 minutes. It's like interval training (HiiT). If you don't run, you can alternate between fast walking and walking. Hope this helps!


So to reduce water retention (water weight) you want to watch your sodium intake, make sure your water intake is great and also sweat! (so a good workout). In saying that you have to make sure you drink lots of water if you sweat a lot during your workout. So 2 litres minimum and more if you're exercising. Drink drink drink, and then pee, pee, pee. lol

kelli e.

about 7 hours ago in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
  • I did it!!! Now to keep it up to Sunday maybe even lose a little more but i did it when i stepped on the scale this morning i cried (happy tears of course) i lost 8lbs since this DietBet started 😭😭😭😭😭 thank you Jasmine for believing in all of us 💕

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CONGRATS!! Great work !! <3

kelli e.

Thank you:heart:

Stephanie L.

about 7 hours ago in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
Ugh I’m up a pound today! Any good tips to lose these last few pounds? Already starting water. I’ll be at Zumba tonight and Saturday. Thinking I should probably go after work tomorrow too??

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yes to the above (water and lots of it) and also make sure you aren't feeling hungry . With 3 nights of zumba you'll want to properly fuel your body as well ..


Have you tried intermittent fasting... I do minimum 16:8 with a 24 or 36hr fast once a week to keep things moving.. & lots of H2O! Shake things up a little with weights & HIIT training too. You got this

Ashley L.

about 7 hours ago in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
Made my goal early! Super excited!!

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great job ashley!!


04/17/2019 2:45AM in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
  • Good morning ! Let’s start the morning off with a quick mini workout (one of my faves that you can do even if you’re still in bed!) and then finish with a chug!

    -10 crunches (chest up and chin OFF the chest)
    -10 heel touches ! (Shoulders off the ground)
    (As always repeat this circuit 1,2, or 3 times - push yourself and remember your only competition is you).

    After you are done grab your water bottle or fill up a glass and chug a nice big drink of WATER. Let’s have a great day - 5 full days until weigh in (21st and 22nd).

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Ouch :flushed: But done!


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