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Favorite Health Food: Almond Flour Bread

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza/Donuts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: HIIT workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: Clean Eating at home workouts

My Weight Loss Program: 21 Day Meal Plan

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $47.59

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-4.2% Since last weigh-in-7.7 lbs
-4.2% 1-Month Change-7.7 lbs
-4.4% Lifetime Change-7.9 lbs

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07/22/2019 4:57AM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
  • Good morning everyone ! the game has officially ended and you are able to submit your final weight NOW ! You will have until midnight TOMORROW PST. So if you still need a day to work towards that goal, you’ve got it!
    Please leave all questions about your final weigh in here so nothing is missed.
    For this RE-using an official progress weigh in it seems you will have to go to DietBet.com on a desktop computer/laptop.. NOT the app or your phone.
    Thank you all for being SO ENGAGING - SO SUPPORTIVE !! This has been my favourite group yet ❤
    My next DietBet is the end of August and registration will open in a day or two .. hope to see some of you there!

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Kendra C.

Just wanted to echo others and say that I loved being part of this group with an awesome host. I made it to my goal just in time, but even if I didn’t I would have considered it a worthwhile investment in myself. Thank you Jasmine!

Mary M.

Hi Jasmine, I never received my payout. I requested via PayPal and it has not yet come?!

Gabrielle B.

08/18/2019 5:53PM in Fit For Fall with Jasmine
😩😩 I’m so nervous/excited 😬😬

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Nerves are good !

Tammy M.

This is also my first DietBet!!

Becky C.

08/16/2019 8:09PM in Fit For Fall with Jasmine
Can I weigh in on the 26th or is that too late?

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You sure can ! You actually have 2 weeks to weigh in - but the sooner the better of course :blush:


08/13/2019 3:25PM in Fit For Fall with Jasmine
So excited 🙌

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Hey girl ! Happy to have you here :heart_eyes:

Monique L.

07/26/2019 3:57PM in Fit For Fall with Jasmine
Hoping that I’ll win this time around 😪

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You’ve got this girl :raised_hands:


07/25/2019 8:47AM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
Is there a way I can get help with weigh in? I got locked out of my account but I met my goal like 3 days ago, the app was glitching and I couldn’t load past the sign In page but I finally got in using the website today.... :(

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Yeah I’ll try that :(


Hi .. how did this end up working out for you ?? :(

Courtney S.

07/24/2019 7:25AM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
Bummer it didn't let me weigh in keeps saying error and that I can no longer submit so it says I lost 0 pounds =(

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Shelton M.

Definitely should email them..


Defintely email support Courtney ..

Shelton M.

07/22/2019 10:24PM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
  • Hey everyone this is my first diet bet .. and I can’t believe that I actually did it .. I pushed myself harder than I ever did in my life and I did it.. Now I’m so motivated and I wanna keep going and I wanna join another diet bet and keep pushing myself for results and greatness..

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Cuidado, it's addicting!

Good job!
Rock On!!

Adam A.

Use those winnings to join another! Well done!

Angie T.

07/22/2019 1:17PM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
Halfway through I was losing motivation as my monthly visitor came along (plus my lupus meds dont help with cravings 😢), but I decided to join a friend in the gym and do more than my typical cardio. MAN AM I GLAD I DID. I started free weight training and have fallen IN LOVE. I'm competitive y spirit and free weights bring it out of me more than any other workout. I was steadily losing weight prior to weight training but since I started 2.5 weeks ago my weights been shredding like crazy. This is so exciting!!!

Thank you, Jasmine, for being such an inspiration and for hosting this diet bet (my first)!!!

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Angie T.

Ahhh, my friend's a powerlifter so I've just been going in and doing free weights with a 25 min warm up. Mondays is full body like battle ropes and squat press. Tuesdays is plyometrics/leg day. Wednesdays is rest day. Thursday is back and shoulders. Friday is chest and arms. That's in addition to 1hr of elliptical on high resistance high incline 6 days a week. I also try to get my 10k steps in daily :blush:.


That's awesome Angie !! Nothing like feeling focused and strong!

Serenity K.

07/22/2019 1:06PM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
Jasmine’s next game is up y’all, it starts August 26th. I’ll definitely be joining, just not quite yet :)

Eileenh975 , Lindsay C. and like this comment.


Thank you Serenity !! <3
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