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Favorite Health Food: Almond Flour Bread

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza/Donuts

My Preferred Method of Exercise: HIIT workouts

My Approach to Weight Loss: Clean Eating at home workouts

My Weight Loss Program: 21 Day Meal Plan

My Diet Plan: Gluten Free Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lose It!

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about 15 hours ago in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
  • Good morning everyone ! And happy Friday!

    Today’s mini workout challenge is PUSHUPS!
    I am not going to put a number on this challenge because we are all coming from different levels. But let’s try and do increments of 5. So if you can do 5 do 5! If you think you can do more than 5 aim for 10! If more than 10, 15! (And so on..) it’s Friday , let’s try and push ourselves .. the only person you are in competition with is yourself .. if you’re reading this and think “jeez I can’t even do 1.. “ change that to “I’m going to do 1!”
    If you have to go from your knees that’s fine! As long as you’re pushing yourself.

    Challenge yourself everyday ❤ comment done once you’ve completed your personal number of pushups :)
    *later I will post my favourite dinner recipe 😊

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Amanda S.





about 10 hours ago in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss !
  • What did this morning workout consit of for all of you ? I jogged an extra mile today ! 💪????

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Got in a good weight training workout today :muscle:


Nice ! I finished a full body workout and I am now dead


about 11 hours ago in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss !
  • Another morning jog with a 5 y/o in a stroller , pheww.

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Great job Mama :sparkling_heart:


about 12 hours ago in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
Well this is the LAST time I restart my weight loss journey... for years I keep losing and gaining the same 10-20lbs and I need to stop. I’m tired of looking in the mirror and being unhappy with what I see. So from now until my vacation in June, I plan on doing back to back DietBet’s to keep myself accountable! No breaks! That’s always my downfall. My sister and I have also agreed to start a work out challenge and keep each other accountable. I have about 50lbs to lose to reach my goal weight. Let’s do this 🙌

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I am in the same boat with you. Leaving for a beach vacation on June 1 & I’m committed to doing back to back bets til then. I have about 60 - 70lb to lose, but I’ll take whatever loss I achieve between now & then. Anything is better than where I am now.


Rooting for you Kelsey! Love that you’re speaking it in to existence .. not only to yourself but to hundreds of people here - shows you’re committed. You’ve got this :sparkling_heart:

Alicia S.

about 13 hours ago in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
Hi there! I just joined this kickstarter but I did an official weigh in for another game just three days ago. Since this game started then, can I use those weigh in pics for this game also? TIA

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Izzie is right - you would have to record your weight as of today


Also - WELCOME :sparkling_heart:


about 15 hours ago in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
  • Found this in my son's Dr. Seuss book. I'm taking this challenge day by day, some have been easy and others not. But I'll keep at this.

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I love Dr Seuss. Great find


Love this!

Nichole J.

02/21/2019 11:34PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
Does anyone else here have problems with the combination of food and their partner?
I lost control of my diet very soon after we met, he's definitely a sugar addict and we both love salty, fatty food. My old trick was to simply not buy these things, if it's not in my house I can't eat it.
He always has snacks around and I sometimes catch myself grazing without even noticing.
I've spoken a few times to him about this, that I want to lose a few kgs and regain control but it hasn't made much difference. Last night he bought me a huge slab of my favourite cake on his way home. He means well.
Any ideas or experience with tackling this issue?
I know first thing is for me to exercise my self control.

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My hubs eats what he wants. I just fix our food separate. He got ill w it at 1st but as the months went by he got over it. I fix his and the kids food then I fix my own. Or sometimes the same time depending on what it is. If it's chili or things as such I just take my part out and then continue on with theirs. If I want to graze I try to do so on foods that are good for me. There are times I slip up or whatever but I get back on track or strive to do so. It's not gonna happen over night. But you didn't get there over night. Baby steps go a long way in time. You got this. You just have to be mindful of what you at or if you really want it. If you really do let yourself have a reasonable amount and be done. It's a life thing not just a diet. :kissing_heart: I hope that helps


I guess happens to everyone! I gain 15-20 since I met my now husband and slowly trying to get rid of them, now We usually eat the same but he does another dish also and bigger portions. Sweets, he eats regular yummy candies and I eat sugar free. It sucks at the beginning but then you get used to. Now when I try sugar, I don’t like it that much. Keep on, you can do this!


02/21/2019 3:38PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via android
  • Snack time! Crumbled brown rice cake with blueberries and almond butter, yum! I've seen nonfat plain yogurt added to this as well ??

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It's perfect when you crave that crunch, it reminds me of cereal


Oo my favourite ! I do this as an “overnight oats” kind of deal. I crumble a rice Cake , almond butter , plain non fat Greek yogurt and frozen berries then out in a mason jar overnight. In the morning it is to die for !


02/21/2019 3:50AM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
Good morning !!
Today’s mini workout challenge :
Wherever you are right now -
STOP and do 10 BUTT KICKS and 10 HIGH KNEES ! (Really kick those heels back on your butt kicks and get your knees way up!)
Comment DONE once you’ve completed it.
Let’s have a great day ❤

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Barbara S.

Day late but done

Kelly D.

Done late :)


02/20/2019 6:08PM in Jasmine's Winter Weight loss ! - via iPhone
  • Super pumped about all of you getting your jumping jacks in today 😁! I wanted to share one of my favourite go to “I need sweets!” Recipes. If you follow the @21daymealplan or me I’m sure you’ve seen it or had it a million times lol.

    It’s “90 second bread” but I make it less of a bread substitute and more of a cake like dish!
    1/3 cup almond flour
    1 egg
    1 tsp baking powder
    Cinnamon (to taste .. I add approx 2 tsp)
    3 tbsp plain Greek yogurt
    Mix it all up, place in a microwaveable dish (smaller is better in my opinion .. like a small sized bowl so the ‘bread’ will rise up and not be flat like a pancake !)
    Microwave for 2-4 minutes (I say this because all microwaves cook differently lol) you want it to be soft .. similar to a fresh muffin for example.
    I cut mine in half and toast it on the air fryer when it’s done .. you can also toast in the skillet or even in the toaster! (You don’t have to taste it, although it gives it a nice crunch ????)
    You can then add toppings as you like. I add almond butter, plain Greek yogurt, blueberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon!

    If you try it let me know what you think!

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Davina I have it every damn day :heart::joy:
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