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05/23/2019 4:38PM in Choose to Lose with Jasmine - via android
Any tips for obese people going thru this?
I've done the daily challenges Jasmine has posted but I was extremely out of breath after the first 3 in the set. My depression has gotten the best of me for half the day.....

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Thank you everyone so much!!

Sarah D.

I was recently in a StepBet and ended up having a severe allergic reaction which caused huge blisters to cover the bottoms of my feet. The game host told me to do punching exercises while sitting and those suckers worked my core, arms, and heart! LOL If you're looking for something to do when you can't walk, I highly recommend them!


05/18/2019 5:41AM in Choose to Lose with Jasmine - via iPhone
  • Tomorrow is day 1! Make sure you get your weight submitted ASAP so you have lots of time to hit your goal! Tomorrow I will post about some of the fun challenges we’ll be doing over the next 4 weeks. Please comment any questions you might have here so everyone is ready for day 1 😁

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Sigri D.

I’m looking for the weighin word too

Sigri D.

I submitted a picture and didn’t get a word.

Dorin L.

05/17/2019 7:04PM in Choose to Lose with Jasmine - via iPhone
Woohoo! Submitted my weight! What’s the hashtag to use on social media for this dietbet?

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#springdbwithjasmine :grin:

Karen M.

05/17/2019 3:46PM in Choose to Lose with Jasmine
Got my initial weigh in done..good luck to everyone who joined!

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Dorin L.

Good luck!!

Courtney V.

You too Karen!!

mols inspire


    I've never done this one before but I feel like it's so so so so important. Some people THINK they have a plan but it's not written down and they can't get clarity on it.

    It's so important to have a game plan and have it written somewhere, so i challenge you guys EXACTLY the plan you have to win this game.

    I want diet details,
    Workout details
    Motivation details,
    Schedule details,
    meal pretty details.

    I want to know how you're going to do it and whats going to make you stick to it! THE MORE DETAIL THE BETTER!

    Winner will be announced on MONDAY!!! You have until Sunday night!

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Hannah T.

Accountability and motivation: tracking cals/water/steps and workouts on Fitbit; Instagram and DietBet to collab with others on our journeys!
Workouts: 6-7 days a week. Monday: lower body focus. Tuesday: upper body focus. Wednesday: core focus. Thursday: cardio. Friday: HIIT. Saturday: hot yoga or cardio. Sunday: rest day or any workout!
Diet: I am flexible with my dieting. As long as I am in a calorie deficit, I’m happy! Tracked on my Fitbit.

Betty L.

I know I missed the deadline but I didn’t want to go skip this because then I would be cheating myself out of the plan since I wouldn’t have anything to hold me accountable.

•I will be eating 3meals/day with 2 protein snacks in between. Meals will consist of protein, veggies, healthy carb, and fruit. I’d like to eventually get to the point where I’m eating 100%clean in the future but for now this is where I’d like to start so I don’t overwhelm myself.

•I’m going to workout at least 30min/day for 5 days a week (M-cardio, T-arm focus, W-legs, Th-cardio, F-full body workout).

•I’m going to post daily on here for accountability and to stay motivated. Also plan on doing at least 30min. of PD daily as well.

•Meal prep will take place on Sunday and Thursday so that I don’t have an excuse to not eat healthy.

Dorin L.

05/07/2019 2:22PM in Choose to Lose with Jasmine - via iPhone
First diet bet! I’m really excited to see how this works. I’m already down around 28 lbs - I can totally do this! 💪

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Yes you can ! :heart: