Katie S.

I've been overweight my whole life... I lost the first 40 lbs over the course of the last 5 years and I have been working on building muscle too! I just want to have a hot bod before I am 30!

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Favorite Health Food: Coffee?

Favorite Sinful Food: Lattes!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Weightlifting only

My Approach to Weight Loss: Diet + Workout (50% Weights/50% Cardio)

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Keto

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: Fossil w/ Android Wear

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Katie S. has weighed in at 135.4 pounds
07/23/2020 12:05PM in Keto Kels’ Summertime Goal Slayer

Total weight lost is now 347 pounds! Average is 3.2 pounds.

Katie S. has weighed in at 135.4 pounds, up 1 pound
07/23/2020 12:05PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!

now at 40% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 1,927 pounds! Average is 3.6 pounds.


07/16/2020 6:55AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
Does anyone else have this problem...there are 6 of us in my house and we all have different diet needs...a vegetarian, a meat lover, a picky kid who won’t always eat healthy options but needs to gain weight, a slightly overweight kid who also won’t eat certain healthy options, a teenage athlete who eats everything and then there is me and honestly I try to get everything to satisfy them that I just end up eating what’s left at the end of the day because it’s already too exhausting to make everyone happy.

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Kaitlin A.

I meal prep a bunch of singular ingredients that are versatile enough that I can put them in a salad or with a grain bowl or in a frittata. I prep veggies, beans, tempeh, quinoa, rice etc...


I used to have that problem when my kids were both home. We had a vegetarian, a gluten-free, a diabetic, and me. Now I just live with 2 diabetics and they need to eat similar to me.

Angelina F.

07/15/2020 10:09AM in Keto Kels’ Summertime Goal Slayer
I’m a little worried about making the weight this time. I’ve lost less than 2 pounds and 23% of my goal. I did have a couple cheat days over the 4 th of July but it’s been over a week of being back on track and the scale has barely moved. I’ve also been exercising a lot more and wondering if I’m gaining more muscle so it’s not being reflected on the scale. I check with strips and I’ve definitely been in ketosis. Anyone else having similar issues?
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Katie S.

Aside from following your macros and drinking lots of water, try and eat as much real and unprocessed food as possible. I notice that I have similar issues when I'm eating more keto-approved junk like fake sugars, keto baked goods, ice cream, etc. I'm currently stuck in the same boat, and trying to get back on track myself! Also many people say that consuming less dairy can help them with bloat and digestion, which may help your issue too.

Angelina F.

I’ve cut back on exercise and have just been walking/low intensity workouts and I’m losing again. I think I was losing fat but gaining muscle. I’ll go back to more intense exercise after this is over.

Kyla T.

07/11/2020 7:21AM in Keto Kels’ Summertime Goal Slayer
Does anyone have any good keto lunch ideas? I find myself repeating the same meals week after week and I want to mix it up a bit!

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Katie S.

I'm currently rotating between fajitas, Asian-inspired stir fry, and "dip-like" foods (think buffalo chicken, chicken-bacon-ranch, tuna salad) that I can eat hot or cold, on a keto bun, on keto pasta, in a lettuce or coconut wrap.... etc.

Summer P.

Stuffed bell peppers!

Referee Tayla

07/08/2020 10:55AM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!

    Lately Ive been into cheese. Colby jack cubes or some wisconsin garlic dill curds. YUM.
    Im also obsessed with built bars and pineapple.

    What are your healthy snacks?!

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Rebecca M.

  • 2tbl spoon of salsa, 6 chips.. yum!


String cheese is one of my go-to snacks. Also dry cereal - like oatmeal squares or peanut butter Cap’n Crunch.

Nafisa K.

07/08/2020 10:12AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
Wanted to share a quick, easy snack I remembered today! Mix 1/2 cup nonfat Greek yogurt and 1 T of peanut butter. Serve with apple slices. The texture is really creamy and dessert like. it’s really filling. Under 200 calories, as well!

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Debbie G.

Sounds good, I bet my kids would like it too :sunglasses:. Thanks for the tip

Rose P.

Thank you for sharing!!

Referee Tayla

07/07/2020 1:45PM in The WayBetter Kickstarter - $500 Pot Bonus!

Seeing that we just got done with a holiday weekend - let's talk about the eternal battle some of us struggle with between TREAT YO SELF and self-sabotage.  I am 100% still dealing with this myself but what I've realized is that you've gotta start working with yourself instead of against.

a little bit about human behavior - it's deeply ingrained in us to want what is withheld. Tell a child they can play with all the toys except this one in your hand. What happens? Meltdown city over just that one.  "Diet Mode Tayla" says "No more cheeseburgers!" sure enough, the first time something goes wrong, or the scale didn't move fast enough...I'm driving around looking for the first drive-thru to hit up and overeating alone in my car ashamed of myself.
Why? Well. Cheeseburgers ARE good. But really, its because I gave all the power to the cheeseburger by saying NO MORE. So the defiant, angry child in me says "F this. imma eat all the cheeseburgers I want because ain't nobody gonna tell me I can't have them"

The solution? Find what is going to work for you to take the power away from that one toy/cheeseburger.
A few ideas:
1. Will it work for you to give one day a week to allow your treat? I PROMISE you, 1 day a week to allow treats within reason is completely doable for weight loss.

2. Will this same idea work for you in terms of your Diet Bet? Can you mentally handle holding out for 4 weeks?  You can tell yourself you'll celebrate with your favorite "treat food" once your DB is done.

3.  Try a bite and THINK - over the weekend the family was eating potato salad (which I love) - at first I told myself "nope,can't have it."  And then I realized I was obsessing over that damn salad - ignoring conversation and thinking about how I couldn't have it.  So, I put a small scoop on my plate, took a bite and really focused on that bite.  It wasn't that great, so I didn't keep eating. THIS helped me continue on with my meal.

Please share your thoughts! 

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Katie S.

Oh yes the potato salad is so relatable! Sometimes you've got to listen to (and come to concessions with) the inner voice before it takes away from the whole experience. I always laugh at myself when I want something SO BAD then its disappointing anyway! It is all about re-learning behaviors, not about cutting out the things you enjoy in life. Learning to not keep eating something that's not particularly enjoyable had a huge impact on my palate and on my waistline. GOOD (and usually healthier) food now tastes so much better and I crave less unhealthy foods than I used to.


You nailed it!

Maddie J

07/07/2020 10:07AM in Fatgirlfedup's Summer Slim Down
My treadmill has been my best friend on this journey (110lbs down so far) and today she died 😔 I saved hard to buy one secondhand and she’s old so I’m not surprised but very disappointed! Can’t afford another as I’m off work for a while because of covid and where I live in South Africa it’s not very safe to exercise outside.. so if anyone has some recommendations for cardio to keep me busy indoors I’d appreciate it ❤

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Rose P.

Like the above comments have said, YouTube can be your best workout buddy in quarantine. Try finding a jump rope and Hulu hoop as well!

Maddie J

Thanks for the tips everyone :heart:

Katie S.

07/06/2020 4:18PM in Keto Kels’ Summertime Goal Slayer
  • It always helps me to have some tasty and super quick keto snacks on hand for when I catch myself behind on my fats intake, and this combo is too easy and tasty not to share!

    Let me tell you this gave me some major German chocolate cake vibes! I fried my waffle in butter rather than toasting it and it added to the cake flavor.

    1 Birch Benders Keto Toaster Waffle (OBSESSED WITH THESE- purchased at Whole Foods)
    2 Tbsp Nutiva Squeezable Chocolate Coconut Manna (Purchased from Thrive Market)
    1/2 tsp butter
    Sprinking of sea salt coconut flakes (also from Thrive Market)

    Approx 310 calories/27g fats/5g protein/5g net carb (11g total - 6 fiber)

    I really love this chocolate coconut manna but I haven't tried it with anything else.... any suggestions? Also I am a fan of most Birch Benders products, but I significantly prefer the keto toaster waffles to the keto pancake/waffle mix. The toaster waffles are coconutty while the mix is almondy, and obviously more prep!

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melissa s.

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