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Katie S.

10/23/2019 8:38AM
  • Do you all measure your ketones? I sometimes do, sometimes do not. I used to always use pee strips, but I recently got a blood ketone monitor.

    This diet I started out occasionally using pee strips from a previous diet about a week in. They never indicated ketones (maybe a quarter of a trace).

    Went on with diet and just stopped measuring until Sunday. I was feeling a little sluggish and wasn't sure if I was out of ketosis or if it was my time of the month. Decided to do a blood test for the first time this diet and got a "Lo" reading.

    Internal panic ensues. NO KETOSIS? Am I eating too little protein?? Too many calories?? SLEEP EATING?? *recalculates macros for more protein*

    Me, the next morning, during IF: "Man, I feel great (despite that time of the month)! Maybe I'll check my ketones more more time...." (See photo)

    So, yeah. I've got all the ketones. I'm good. But the moral of the story here is.... Pee strips definitely can expire/go bad and even blood monitors can have bad readings. Don't freak out. Don't be like me. Eat your fats and carry on :joy:

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Katie S.

10/16/2019 12:13PM
  • Hey everyone... I've created a Keto Costco mood board because I'm lowkey Costco obsessed and these products help give my ketosis LIFE.

    Of course there's lots of other basics I'm not showing, like chicken thighs and eggs, and veggies and berries but you know I had to put my boy rotisserie in there <3

    Cold Brew: Strong enough brew to take some HWC and keep flavor. Could be a little stronger but I like STRONG cold brew.

    Macadamias: My fav nut. Just gotta make sure not to mindlessly eat a half lb of them.

    Buffalo mozzarella: OMFG. This is new?!? I have only seen it in the store once and OMFG its the best darn mozzarella I've ever had from the store. Slightly more tangy than normal mozz. Kinda like goat cheese but MUCH MUCH more mild.

    Egg thins: Okay they're gimmicky and overpriced. BUT SO CONVENIENT. 0g net carbs, 8 calories each. Very thin but held up to a drippy chicken wrap pretty well! Not much flavor but the texture is nice and can be toasted in a pan.

    Keto Creamer: I love to keep some of this at work! It really tastes pretty good, its mostly coco-nutty. It doesn't dissolve great. Its not to bad in warm bevs but it DOES NOT dissolve in cold drinks, which is a bummer.

    Sarah's Heavy Cream: This is the best HWC for the price. Ever. It is SO THICC and flavorful. Reminds me of much more expensive organic brands.

    Aidells Habenero Sausages: I didn't even ever have a store bought chicken sausage I liked before this. Spicy but not TOO spicy. CHEESY AF. Great for any meal.

    Smoked Salmon: I usually buy this for my BF, but tbh its been growing on me lately! Great for so many things! I love it with cucumber, cream cheese, and sesame seeds with a little soy sauce!

    Nut Butter: They stopped carrying the Kirkland nut and seed butter at my store! I'm heartbroken! It is really tasty and was so much cheaper than the name brand. BUY IT IF YOU SEE IT AND SEND SOME MY WAY TOO. Lol jk.

    What are everyone's favorite keto products right now? Did I miss any good Costco finds?

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Erin V

10/15/2019 6:54AM
Good morning Ketoers! Today is day 65 of my keto journey and it is going so well! I added walking 10,000 steps to my routine this week 4 days, Thursday through Sunday. The scale wasn't moving for 6 days and it started becoming discouraging, but just yesterday I lost 1 lbs in 2 days, so the hard work paid off finally!!! How is your week going so far? Share any victories, it is so motivational! KCKO

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Leontine M.

10/07/2019 6:25PM
  • Hey guys! Hoolā! Ciau !

    I have struggled with extra fat for such a long time. I have personal trainer, and very supportive friends, yet no matter how much of abs i do, they get more stronger, but under the fat. I got so frustrated, i get some results on my chests, shoulder, back, but belly was stuck. My trainer Paul introduced me to this Keto diet planning and tips. Honestly I LOVE IT ! Only thing that did a difference for me, but i guess, the results differs on person itself. I bought this one, it is realtively cheap and with Amazing info to apply. shared it with my family, not everyone is on healthy page. Jeaaay. I soo much like, that here atleast all the info is combined and so well given !

    I love this community and support guys, if anyone want to consider this as an option, feel free to check it out -

    Please guys, keep the thumbs up for my GOALS ! One love, lets rip some weight off.

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Erin V

10/07/2019 12:48PM
Hello Keto group! I have a strict self goal to stay in ketosis for the remainder of the year and am looking for an accountability buddy if anyone wants to share weekly success/do better stories? I've been on Keto for 50 days now and lost 17 pounds. Diet Bets are certainly helping bc I'm a poor person and need my money back :)

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Asha W

I'm trying DietBet for the first time and am about a week into trying keto again. A couple years ago I lost 20 pounds on keto, but then got lazy and gained it all back plus more. I won't let that happen this time!

Katie S.

10/02/2019 10:48AM
Do people actually use this group??? I have another Keto question!!

What are y'alls thoughts on exogenous ketones? Do you use them? What types? Do they make a difference in fat burning/weight loss? Obviously they're expensive, but a lot of ppl seem to swear by them. I could maybe see them being useful when you're in ketosis already but eat a little too many carbs by accident but don't want to get kicked out of ketosis. Always appreciate opinions on products when the person is not trying to sell them to me, lol.
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Katie S.

Thanks for your input. What you said makes sense to me. I think they could be more useful for energy than anything. But a good ole cup of coffee and some mineral supplements can do that a lot cheaper haha.

Erin V

Adding extra ketones doesn't support weight loss because your body won't make more of it;s own from your fat! They are mostly used by performance athletes.

Katie S.

10/01/2019 10:49AM
Hi all! I'm new to the Dietbetter with Keto group!

Any favorite homemade keto salad dressings or other sauces that might be good for veggies hot or cold??? Trying to get my shopping list ready! Thanks all!

Jean Chandler

09/05/2019 2:41PM
Jean C. has invited you to join #DietBet! You can get motivated to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks by betting $35, plus you’ll split the pot with other winners. Join Jean C. in #Keto Kickstarter III - Weekly Kitchen #Giveaways now or learn more here: http://dbet.me/YkmRdo

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Diane W.

08/28/2019 9:25AM
I am new to Keto and want o learn more about the Keto DietBet

Jean Chandler

08/14/2019 11:02PM
I'm 11 days from finishing a Ketogenic Kickstarter DietBet Challenge and I am absolutely KILLING IT! Feeling great and losing weight! I'm also 4 days away from beating the first one I joined!

From these two games, I've decided I wanted to try to host my own game. If anyone wants to join a Ketogenic themed DietBet Challenge, here's my link: http://dbet.me/YLv7Pa

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Jim W

Jean, I tried to join, but the game has been canceled. Maybe you should try again and reach out to new members and recent posters in this group and the LCHF support group. I'll join unless it conflicts with planned travel and medical procedures. Unfortunately, I have had very little success in recruiting friends and family to join any DietBets.

Jean Chandler

@Jim W I just ended up joining this DietBet hosted one. I joined their last one and it was a lot of fun. Trying to get more people to join, too, haha. Their second one has in the hundreds.

It starts on the 9th.