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Allison C.

08/13/2022 8:54AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Week 2 - Step Challenge - 8/13-8/19
Let’s get to stepping!
To be entered into this week’s giveaway, challenge yourself to hit 10,000 steps each day during this week! Each day that you hit your goal and post a picture of your ending step count gets you an entry! You can either post to the main feed or in this thread. You do not need a smart watch to participate in this challenge! If you are in need of a step tracker, here is a good one from Amazon! amzn.to/3Mk2g0Z

As always, if you are ok with your post being shared on my social media, please use #PTP (permission to post)

Week 1 challenge winner – Melissa F! Please check your cheer board notifications to claim your gift card!

Please continue posting your meals in this chat if you find that it is helping you stick to your nutrition plans! All of the players get inspiration from your posts!

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  • Only 15 days left. Wow

Ashley C.

Allison C.

08/06/2022 6:28AM in _FinallyLosingWeight July! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
We lost 5270lbs and had 49% of players hit their goal! Payouts will be roughly $50!
Great job to everyone who took on this 4 week challenge with me! My August game starts today for anyone wanting to continue on!

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Allison C.

it depends on the number of players, number of games starting and ending at similar times, and if we had a large amount that had rejected weigh ins. Rejected weigh ins are given 8hrs to resubmit - so we may be waiting on that. There are only so many referrees for all current games.


I’m hoping that we get paid out before the august one starts. I have to use that money since my bank account was messed with

Allison C.

08/02/2022 10:34AM in _FinallyLosingWeight July! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Open call for progress photos!
How you post them is how I will share them on my social media! I will only share progress photos that are on this comment thread :)

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Reagan B.


  • I have completed 4 of my 11 diet bets this year with Allison...I am so proud of myself

Allison C.

07/27/2022 11:29AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Use this comment thread to post your apple watch and fitbit user details to start individual competitions with players!

-Group Smart Watch Competition – Fitbit and Apple watch friendly - Download "Challenge" App
Then join our group competition!
code is ekxa
-My personal trainer @hiivicc program discounts!
“DBZOOM” $5 off Zoom Workouts - 4pack
“DBWORKOUTGUIDE” 50% off home guided workout programs
- Code "DIETBET" 15% off shirts in my shop!
- Clothing exchange! - Member Access password is "Allison's DietBet" https://www.facebook.com/groups/325219532877997

IN GAME PRIZES - details announced at start of each week
Week 1 – Food & Water Tracking - $15 Gift Card
Week 2 – Step Challenge - $15 Gift Card
Week 3 – Self Love - $15 Gift Card
Week 4 – MYSTERY - $15 Gift Card
Multiple DietBet Credits to be awarded throughout the game!

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Apple :apple: Watch: srapley@outlook.com

I’ve joined the challenge app. Add me on the watch app to share your activity for cheers and heckling!

Christy C.

I have Fitbit and can’t seem to get it to work on the challenge app. Is it only for Apple Watch?

Julie M.

08/15/2022 3:48PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Okay, so I promised Allison in one of her lives that I would continue to post food because we love seeing them…so here is my dinner…chicken thighs, green beans and potatoes with a Lipton’s onion soup mix. I know it’s not the best pic as it’s still in the crock pot but I didn’t want to forget lol

Jacqueline A. , bostonBecks and like this photo.

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Allison C.


Julie M.

I took about 4 med potatoes cut them up in chunks put in the bottom then 1lb fresh green beans. Sprinkle on 1 onion soup mix and whatever else you want. I used red pepper flakes and roasted garlic hot sauce. I added about 2lbs chicken thighs to the top of that and then used another onion soup mix, red pepper flakes and some Tony’s. Then cover and cook on low for 4 hours. It WAS good. I was told I could make it again. And lots of leftovers lol

Hope B.

08/15/2022 7:03AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Does anyone have tips on how to hit step goals. I’m always really under and I’ve been walking more.

Jacqueline A. , bostonBecks and like this comment.

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Melissa T.

I will try to walk around the house every hour for a few minutes, sometimes I’m doing laps around the dining table and sometimes I will find things that need to be put away or cleaned


I listen to audiobooks as I walk, and tend to lose track of time. For me the key give away is to remain distracted with something.
I also have one rule for myself, which is to walk everytime I get a call, so long conversations usually get me 3k steps :sweat_smile:

Danielle M.

08/15/2022 6:08AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Felt like constantly weighing myself was stressing me out and making things worse for me so I gave my scale to my mom until weigh in day in September. 😂

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Kelly V.

Great idea!


Wow that’s willpower

Danielle M.

08/13/2022 9:20AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Big ol' salad for lunch today 😋

Melissa T. , bostonBecks and like this photo.

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Lisa P.

That's my kind of lunch. I love salads with fresh ingredients- you can eat a huge plate with few calories and lots of nutrients l. Yours looks yummy.

Katelyn V.

Great salad! Full of healthy and filling ingredients


08/13/2022 8:59AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • I managed to stay the same weight during my camping trip this week 😭 I’m so happy that I didn’t gain. Enjoyed the food I ate but cut back SIGNIFICANTLY from what I used to eat on a trip like that (ie 2 s’mores around the fire instead of unlimited 😬) Also tracking everything on the trip helped me realize how easy it is to eat 2000-3000 cals when you’re not thinking!

Melissa T. , bostonBecks and like this photo.

Allison C.

I’m in need of a good camping trip!


Do it!! It was so nice and relaxing :sunglasses:

Karisa S.

08/13/2022 7:50AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
I e hit a plateau HARD. Anyone have something that can help me move past this? (emotionally or physically)

Melissa T. , bostonBecks and like this comment.

Allison C.

Emotional help chiming in - your body does not want to lose weight. It wants to hold onto that stored energy. Your body is resisting. Stay consistent. Do not change what you are doing. Allow your body time to catch up.


Keep going... You can do it... I have read (not experienced) that doing some variations in your workout patterns might help breaking it. But that's the exact opposite of the above advice. So I don't want to confuse you. Stay positive and Just keep reminding yourself you can do this.. Good Luck.
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