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Amanda H.

04/23/2020 6:06AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Guys I think I might have a problem 😂 I’m in over 10 bets 3 transformers 1 Kickstarter 5 challenges 1 StepBet and 1 Run! I feel like being in so many bets has kept me even more accountable to my weight loss and fitness goals and could win a little money too in the process. Nothing keeps me more motivated than the possibly losing money! Lol anyway just thought I’d share how I’m staying on track with this quarantine bout you guys?

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Amanda H.

Yes, do it Kelley it definitely helps a lot!


When I click the tab to see my games listed, some of them have the little apple logo on them and some don't. Actually looks like only the transformer games have the logo. Do you know why?

Amanda H.

04/06/2020 7:21AM in Warmer Weather Transformer - Win An Apple Watch!
Any tips for a 2 day fast? Is that too long? I ate really badly this weekend and I think if i fast these next couple days it’ll help cancel it out. I literally still feel full from last night lol anyway let me know what you guys think!

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Kelley L.

I tried adding you too. Apparently that doesn’t do anything for us :joy:. If you look up phase 1 of 131 it gives info on getting ready for a fast. Hope that helps!

Amanda H.

Thanks Kelley will do!