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Ilana Muhlstein

10/10/2021 8:59PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
  • Hi Everyone! I am so happy for all the participation that went on in the group. but we had someone who commented the most through our this game. And that was Abby B. Please email me at Ilanamuhlsteininc@gmail.com to claim your Free Nutrition Babe Box.

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Debby F.


Diana B.


Joel F.

10/25/2021 8:01AM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
  • Breanne here! Wanted to give a BIG congrats to everyone in this game! I'm seeing so many reaching their goal, and even if you didn't, remember that progress IS progress. You're heading in the right direction :)

    I also want to announce our game MVP: Megan R. please email your shipping address to breannefreeman81@gmail.com so I can send you two mixed boxes of Built Bar + mixed Bag of Built Boost.

    I'm also looking forward to seeing everyone's BEFORE & AFTER photos + how much you've lost and measurements (if taken) in this game. I'll be picking two random people who email their photos to breannefreeman81@gmail.com (with permission for me to share) two mixed boxes of Built Bar.

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Jennie F.

  • I forgot to take my measurements but I lost 5.9 pounds!!

Cheryl S.

I didn’t meet my goal until this morning 2 days too late! Oh well, still happy with my results!

Megan R. is the overall MVP of the game! They invited 1 friend.

10/11/2021 12:11AM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!

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Megan R.

10/10/2021 10:17AM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
Is it possible to incorporate alcohol into your diet without having weight gain/stall? I find if I have a glass of wine I’m either up the next day or the scale hasn’t moved.

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amanda o.

I like champagne or white claw for good caloric options with low carbs


I personally do not count alcohol calories as part of my daily calories in a deficit, because it would take away from actual nutrients I need, but as long as you’re doing it in moderation it’s totally possible! Temporary weight increase could be from dehydration or inflammation or a dozen other factors but shouldn’t make too much of a difference if you’re balanced overall! If you notice that trend though maybe just don’t drink right before your final weigh in to be safe lol

Gail N.

10/08/2021 5:36AM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
Is anyone else having problems with submitting for payouts? As soon as I type one letter the submit button changes to where you can't press it?

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Megan R.

Hmm no issues for me

Melissa B.

Hope you got it to work

Isadora D.

10/07/2021 4:30PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
$92,610 / 1287 = $71.85 our pay out was $53 ish rounding your cut is $19 X 1287 = $24, 455 …nice pay day for you coach!

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pamela t.

Look a bit into what is involved in running a business. There are costs involved, paying employees are only one such cost. I have no problem with the 25% fee.

Melissa B.

Dietbet takes 25%


10/07/2021 3:50PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
Wonder where the leftover $23k goes 😆😆😆 I’m sure the host gets a big chunk and I guess the rest goes back to DietBet.

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pamela t.

I tried to do my own with friends before I started doing dietbet. I played as a participant, and I didn’t take a cut. I put in a lot of time and work for only 3-12 participants. It ended up costing me an overdraft fee because I thought someone had put their money in when they hadn’t and paid out everyone’s cut. It is worth the 25% fee.

Melissa B.

Dietbet takes about 25%

Megan R.

10/07/2021 12:51PM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
Anyone actually hitting their protein target (or within 10g)- how are you doing this? Tell me all the things.

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Dana W.

@chelsea B. Is there a search function to find Breanne's recipes. I find myself scrolling and scrolling before giving up. ( I limit my social media time... maybe I just haven't gotten the hang of this app.)

Maghan A.

Chicken. Chicken. Chicken. I eat 4-5oz for lunch and 8oz for dinner…plus 8oz of egg whites in the morning…

Megan R.

10/07/2021 12:31PM in Freeman Fall Fat Blast!
How are you getting all your protein in, I’m struggling to find high protein with low fat- I’m hitting my fat % daily but way off from my protein.

Diana N. , Rachael C. and like this comment.

Alicia C.

I go over protein almost every day. I often do an egg white scramble with ground turkey and veggies mixed in. I also love the oatmeal with quest protein powder mixed in, all American butter, and fruit. I have an afternoon shake. I often do a salad or fish and veggie for lunch. I also drink recover after my workouts which has a good amount of protein in it.. Greek yogurt with mixed berries is another good option for extra protein. Built bars are great too for protein add in option.


10/07/2021 12:27PM in Back To Schooling Your Weight Loss Goals
8th DietBet win! So far I won them all! I’ve been back one track since this one after difficulties in my life. I have a tattoo appointment next April and this tattoo will commemorate my past 2 years of sadness. I decided that I’ll will use all the money I make with DietBet to finance my tattoo ❤

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Stephanie W.

A tattoo is a great way to mark a season of growth! :thumbsup:

Melissa B.

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