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Cynthia D.

02/24/2021 9:32AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Whoop, whoop! Just hit this months goal! Hoping to at least maintain until weigh-in or drop some more!!

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Laurissa B.

02/24/2021 9:29AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
So there's no way I'll be able to make the goal this month in a healthy way, so I was feeling a bit bummed til I looked back at a weigh in from last year, May 2020... and realized that I am close to 20 pounds down from there... my highest weight. I am also down below a threshold I have not been able to stay under for several years now. I am progressing, it may be slower than I had hoped for, but it is there.

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Alice S.

Great progress and good to keep the larger picture in mind, our overall progress matters the most!

Katherine R.

Progress is progress and the key is to not give up! (At least that's what I keep telling myself lol)

haylee t.

02/02/2021 6:45PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • First time doing diet bet and was just a little confused on this wording so I'm sorry if it's a dumb question. But this says that to qualify for round 6 we have to lose 6%... But it says the goal is 10%? So to be entered into the pot we really just have to lose 6%? Just a little confused. I'm obviously aiming for the 10% but just wanted some clarification 😊 thanks in advance!

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Cynthia D.

To win round 5 you have to lose a total of 10%. If you don't lose 10% by the end of round 5, but have lost at least 6% you can still move on to round 6. To win round 6 you have to have lost a total of 10% by the end of the game.

Amanda P.

Also, you really want to win round 6, because 1/2 of all the $$ is put into the last month.

Kristen S.

Can someone please explain if we are considered winner, do we then need to submit another picture? I’m confused. And still waiting almost 9 hrs for the approval. My other game was already approved as winner.

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When you hit "weigh in" for a game after another game is verified it should ask if you want to use your previous weigh in.

Hannah A.

Mine also made me take another pic than my other Transformer game! Also, it's been 5 hours and I'm still not verified! I'm getting worried, it's almost at the end!

Abraham A.

02/02/2021 5:56PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • I have always been self conscious about getting my picture taken or posting photos of myself. It’s been hard to look at oneself and just not like who’s staring back at you. However after this round not only did I hit my goal but I could actually see the difference and the progress I have made! I’m really excited for the next round and can’t wait to continue this journey with everyone. The positivity and support here has been absolutely amazing!! 😁

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Mary H.

Looking great! Stay positive and keep up the good work! :raised_hands:

Cynthia D.

Congratulations! You can definitely see the difference. Good luck on your continued journey!

Lara S.

I DID IT!!!! Went on the treadmill at 5am to sweat the last .2lbs off!

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Lara S.

I should know better then to sign up for a diet bet that ends the same week as something else ò.ó. Sauna blanket sounds like what I need in my daily life though! Thanks for the tip! :)

j lee

Great job and congrats!

Adrienne K.

02/02/2021 12:03PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
I submitted my weigh in when I woke up this morning and just realised I haven't received confirmation back. Where can I see where I submitted in time??

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No alerts, no email at all for me. Submitted 9 hours ago.

Katherine R.

Thanks @Cynthia because I wasn't sure if it was even received and now I can see it was!

Kirsten C.

02/02/2021 11:46AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
My husband, who is not in the Dietbet, decided to do intermittent fasting with me for the past month (I was shocked), and he has lost 9 lbs!!! He has agreed to do it with me for the next month too. Just a happy reminder that our health goals influence those around us!

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Cynthia D.

That's wonderful! It's so much easier when those around you participate and they're not eating when you can't.


I love when people have people to support their health goals! Yay!

Shannon B.

02/02/2021 11:28AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Does anyone know how to change the term of a membership? I’m only seeing a 12-month option, but that’s too long for me. I want to be eligible for the prizes - that requires a membership, right?

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Cathryn L.

I got the same thing. 12 month for 50.


Cynthia- thank you, I didn’t realize it qualified you for members only Games- LOL!

Cynthia D.

02/02/2021 10:38AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
I had to do my final weigh-in for two different games today. Each game had a different weigh-in word. Is this normal? I've never seen this before in my other games. They were always the same word. It didn't ask me to use the same weigh-in for both so I went ahead and weighed-in using a different word for each game. I'm hoping they'll both count.

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I’m in 3 currently and each had a different word today

Cynthia D.

Thank you for your replies. You've made me feel so much better. I haven't done DietBet's for over a year and I thought you used the same word for all games on the same day. But I'm getting older and my memory isn't what it used to be!! Thanks again!
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