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Favorite Health Food: Green smoothies

Favorite Sinful Food: Red Velvet Cake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Gym, Lifting Weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: Intermittent fasting combined with Dirty Keto

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $409.03

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11/25/2020 2:59PM in Molsinspires LAST DIETBET
  • Happy Thanksgiving to me, I’ve lost 100 pounds since last December! I’m so excited and thankful!

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Marissa P.


Judy B.

I applaud YOU for ur tenacity! You are a celebrity to me. We need to know...what u found most challenging? AND what suggestions can u share for overcoming those challenges.


11/22/2020 10:19AM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
  • I have to lose 5.5 pounds this round! I’m going to try harder. I was at a terrible plateau for two weeks, nothing worked to lose weight. Now the weight is coming off again! I’ve already lost 1.5 pounds towards the next round. Hopefully, my time to win a round has finally come! I’ve been doing IF. I’ve only taken one day off since I’ve started this bet. I know I need to workout more so I entered a bet that I can walk 10,000 a day.

Sandy B. , Carol B. and like this photo.

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Beverley B.

Just out of interest how are you doing IF ? No eating between certain hours or you only eat 500 calories on two days per week ? Or something else ?

Sandy B.

Slow and steady! Progress will come! You got this!

Seth V.

11/12/2020 5:11AM in The Adventure Transformer - Win Camping Gear!
I'm down 20.1 lbs today; I started out just over 300lbs. I made up my mind at the beginning of this challenge that it was going to actually be a lifestyle change and that’s exactly what I’ve done. In the past so many times losing weight was more of a fad or some quickfix starvation type diet with working out but this time I’m not on a fad diet and I’m not even working out. I was running one day back in May and a neighbor said that so much of what you put on is what you put in and I’ve never thought about it like that before so this time losing weight all I’m doing is eating different. I couldn’t tell you the last time I went to a fast food place and got food for myself, I still get it for my kids occasionally. i’m eating a lot healthier I’ve cut out fried foods and probably 95% of my sugar intake this time it feels more like a lifestyle change than just a fad or quickfix kind of a diet. I ordered a Tonal workout machine and it’s going to be delivered next week so it’s time to start phase 2 of this weight-loss journey, lifestyle change, and incorporate some weight lifting and probably some cardio. Let’s keep it going everybody keep dropping that weight, keep feeling better and be proud of the changes you see no matter how small every day because they all add up. 

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Great job!

Charmin Carmen

Well said Seth! And congratulations on your journey so far!

auston p.

11/11/2020 10:39PM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • Feeling like my 40s may end up being better than my 20s after all. Im starting to feel good in my own skin.

Chrissy , ambertris and like this photo.

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I remember a girlfriend sent me a homemade birthday card for my 40th that said "Welcome to the level ground at the top of the hill." I found my 40s to be a great time for recognising all the stuff I liked about myself and really getting to know and like me. I'm in my late 50s now and find life keeps getting better and better. You are a beautiful looking 40yo. Congratulations. :thumbsup::raised_hands:

Dawn B.

Me too!


11/11/2020 7:43AM in Body Goals & High Vibes with Elise Joan
hey freinds I just got past covid , I beat it like a drum now got to get back on track with my Nutrition. So glad to be back in the real world. Be safe stay healthy . Zinc and vitamine C defiently help. be strong, live strong, love strong!

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Amber W.

Glad you’re better.




11/05/2020 7:40AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
  • Me at 243lbs on the left and currently at 178lbs on the right.

John R. , Tammie B. and like this photo.

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This is awesome! You are looking beautiful!

Nadine P.

Wow that is awesome. Can I ask how long did it take you, and are you doing Keto?

Yana D.

10/29/2020 2:59PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
  • I didn’t win this diet bet, but that’s ok. This game was all about changing my mindset and continuing sticking to my goals. I’ve done so many diet bets in the past, and this one was by far my favorite. I’ve gotten so many tips + learned so much from everyone’s posts that is going to help motivate me. Picture: June 1st 2020 vs October 2020 (-40 pounds with keto and minimal exercise).

Jennifer N. , haley g. and like this photo.

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P D.


Kayli D.

You look amazing! Keep up the great work!


10/29/2020 2:44PM in Felicia Fitness Health's October DietBet
Help! I have 3 games that need final weigh-ins today. I have always been able to use one set of photos for all of them, but this time it doesn't seem to be giving me the option and the other 2 games are giving me completely different words. Anyone know what to do?

Lauren M. , Jessica R. and like this comment.

Aaron C.

Submit for 1. Once it is verified it will allow you to use it for the others.


Noticed that too. I just went ahead a did a second set of photos with a different word for my second bet because I didn’t see another option

Alisha T.

10/29/2020 7:18AM in Fall Fitness Transformer - Win A Peloton!
Hpw do I know if I'm a member??

Julie G. , Maria and like this comment.

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You have a star by your name so you are a member!


Looks like you are to me as your name is orange with a star

Haley W.

10/26/2020 5:57AM in Fall into Fitness with Megan Davies
  • Weigh in approved - officially lost 15.5 pounds! I'm so proud of myself for staying consistent with my exercise and nutrition! Congratulations to everyone!

DeDaun , Lazarita and like this photo.

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Tara C.

Way to go!!!


Nice job!
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