Claud O.

Over 10 years ago I remember being smaller, I had more energy, it was easier to move, and I had confidence in myself,.... I'm doing it for me!

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Favorite Health Food: Eggs

Favorite Sinful Food: Jalapeno Mac n Cheese

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Chasing the dog like a velociraptor!

My Approach to Weight Loss: Easy there lil feller, this is a marathon, not a sprint!

DietBet Winnings: $83.54

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Chelsea W.

10/20/2020 3:56PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Oooo it's so close to fall, y'all! It's getting to snuggle season and you may want to trick yourself into thinking being under a blanket for longer in the morning or earlier in the evening is what your body needs. Treat yourself and get out of bed to start your day off right! This is where it's going to get Reeeaaaalllly hard...the weather is changing, things are getting busier, holidays coming through, and we have been at it for 3 rounds! Plan. Prepare. Persist.

Hope y'all looking so bomb in your scarves, boots, jackets and flannels!

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Ginny L.

No fall here yet, Florida, ugh, but it is coming soon enough. These cooler days are easier to work out for me! Thanks for the pep talk!


I laugh because I look outside and see SNOW! What is this fall you speak of? I'm already to winter!!


10/18/2020 3:34PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • I decided to get out of my comfort zone this weekend! I've been wanting to find something that is active that I genuinely enjoy doing, so that I slowly change my life style. I have always enjoyed anything with water, so I did something I never thought my 28 year old self would do ......water aroebics!

    Not only did I love it and joined the gym so that I can continue classes, but my husband enjoyed the class as well. This gym offered a "couples" membership so we BOTH joined the gym! My husband- the man who hasn't been dieting with me, joined so he can be healthier too. 💙

    I don't even hate the mandatory photo for the membership card. There is a first for everything I guess!

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Tonya B.

You look terrific!!

Claud O.

A girlfriend of mine raves about water aerobics! Way to push yourself to try something new Renee, and the best turnout, you enjoy it!


10/15/2020 10:05AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
Round 3 has now been finalized! Congratulations to the winners! You will be notified by email if you are a winner and the $59.00 will be added to your rolling winnings for this game. At the end of the game, all of the winnings you've accumulated from each round will be added to your Account Credits.

As promised, here are the top player titles in Round 3. Drum roll, please...
- Most Liked Player: Rachael J.
- Most Generous Liker: Shrouk H.
- Most Liked Comment: "I've been doing really well this year, weirdly enough. I've lost about 70 lbs since November 2019. As a treat, I took a scuba diving course. So now I have a new exercise I'm excited to do." by Elaina B.

Good luck reaching your goal of 9% in Round 4!

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Rachael J.


Claud O.

Way to claim the home- coming queen title Rachael!

Chelsea W.

10/01/2020 11:20AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • (I have the voice of a pep talk in a team huddle before a championship game)

    C'mon everyone! Push yourself today!!! Prepare for any obstacle ahead of you. Run a little faster. Jump a little higher. Walk a little further. Eat a better meal. Let's go my champions! You have already won by being here but MAKE THIS A LEGENDARY PART OF YOUR JOURNEY by accomplishing more than what you came for. Look at yourself in the mirror today and see the fire in those eyes! Let it burn baby! Put on those headphones and get in the zone even for just a moment.

    Who's with me?!?

    Leeeetttttttsssssssss GOOOOOO!!!!!

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Rachael J.

Everyone look at yourself in the mirror and look at how hot you’ve gotten too!!!

Lisa E.

Keep the pep talks coming, love it!


09/30/2020 5:38PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Even though it feels like life just keeps throwing me one shitshow after another, there is one thing I've kept consistent..... my goal to continue losing weight.

    Today I hit another small milestone. It isn't my final goal, but I know I'll succeed that goal with time. Today I'm celebrating my milestone of losing 75 pounds! I currently am sitting at the exact weight I need to be after round 6! I basically need to maintain (or lose obv 😉) for the next 3 months from here on out!

    Always remember; if I can do it, so can you! ❤💪

    -75.8 pounds since February 1, 2020.

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Jennifer S.

Congratulations on your huge accomplishment!

Lisa E.

Wow, wow, wow! From your last pics to this one holy moly look at you girl! Your beautiful, and congratulations. You have come so far. I like that look of confidence in your mirror looking at yourself :clap::clap::clap:

Rachael J.

09/30/2020 12:57PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Guys, guys!! I ran my longest run today: 2.28 miles!! I’ve done 4 runs over a week and a half. I’m just kind of amazed at myself right now, so I wanted to share. Haha! Okay i will bring my pace up as I go... but guys we can do ANYTHING we set our minds to!!

    An added bonus, running has been super effective at helping my anxiety!

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Chelsea W.

Wow girl I absolutely can feel the excitement from you and I hope you can feel it from us too!! What an amazing accomplishment! Gah! I love it! I saw the post and I'm all like a proud mama over here! THATS MY GIRL!!! WOOO!!! With intense clapping and a big ole smile on my face. So proud

Claud O.

Seriously fucking love the community that we've built here! We're all here for one another, and beyond supportive, and I couldn't have come this far without you all! Sending tons of love to my gurls!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Debbie S.

09/30/2020 7:46AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
So I goofed this past month and stopped doing weigh ins. I lost motivation and quit monitoring my food intake and exercise. Fortunately, I didn't gain too much weight and be will be getting it hard in October. My goal is to lose 8-10lbs this month to get me back on track. I'm still in it though and know I can still win this challenge!

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dana d.

The important thing is that you caught it in time and now you are back on track. You’ve got this!

Debbie S.

Well, if I needed motivation, I definitely got it this evening. I was at the park with my kids and a lovely little 4-yr old $hit decided to yell across the landscape how I had a baby in my belly because it was so HUGE. Bless my husband's heart, he said he didn't know what she was referencing.

Chelsea W.

09/29/2020 11:03AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • One small step for giant leap for diet bet.

    One step towards you--check

    One step towards my goal--right here! Gym then work with no stop inbetween

    One step towards you to share my victory--boom shaka laka! Thank you everyone for inspiring me. We are gonna make waves and conquer our goals. Stick with it everyone!!

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Rachael J.

You look great!!!

Claud O.

Way to gear up for the day, looks like it's gonna be a long one, go kick it's ass Chelsea!

Nicole C.

09/29/2020 8:40AM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Focusing on nutrition hard!!

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Nicole C.

It’s a Sweet potatoe roasted pepper Bisque

dana d.

That looks great!

Claud O.

09/28/2020 5:42PM in Recommit to Fit Mega Transformer - $1500 in Fitness Gear Giveaways!
  • Hello DietBet friends!

    Just about half way through this and I've noticed the chatter has died down! I hope everyone is just super focused on their diet routines!

    Take a minute to remember why you signed up for this bet. What were you feeling back then? What are your fitness goals? Have you lost sight of them or maybe they have evolved?

    Meow take a minute to brag to yourself about how good you look, about how many pounds you've dropped, and to admire how strong you've become, physically and mentally! Go ahead scroll through your weigh in photos, I'll wait!

    Look at you! You're finally fucking doing it! You've made the decision, don't turn back now, keep going, you can do it! Just keep believing and pushing yourself (don't forget to love yourself, and make time for yourself) but do it, cuz you know you're worth it!!!

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Lisa E.

Claud O I just love your energy! Your awesome :sunglasses:. Hope everyone has an amazing day


Haven't seen your posts for a while. Hope you're ok
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