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01/24/2021 1:12PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Somebody else here who still has some weight left to reach goal for round 1?
I currently just read that everybody’s already there and starting round 2 ... just wanna know if I’m the only one who isn’t there yet

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I’m not there yet either - keep going!


I haven't reached my goal for this round yet. We will get there!


01/24/2021 10:49AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Only 7 days left till
    Weigh in!

    If your beginner or advanced check out On YouTube, Team Body project! It’s low Impact but high calorie burn! And if I can do it so can you!!! They are great workouts! I’ve lost 45lbs doing these!

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Karen H.

I just tried one this am and loved it. Thanks for recommending

Kelsey B.

Thank you for the recommendation! Just did one of their workouts and it kicked my butt! :muscle: I will definitely check out more of their videos!


01/06/2021 5:49AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
This is my first transformer game and I am SCARED. I yo yo too much so I am hoping this keeps me accountable.
I was reviewing the rules and just had a quick question. Do you have to lose the 10% by round 5 and then hold for round 6?

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Amanda F.

3%, 6%, 8%, 9%, 10%, maintain 10%

Lisa R

I’ve also been a yo-yoer all my life so you’re not alone. Try not to be scared, let’s be excited :smiley:we’re all in this together so let’s do it!! :muscle:

Raychel C.

08/30/2020 2:53PM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
I didn't meet my goal last round and thought it'd be a good motivator this round, but instead I'm feeling defeated. We have 15 days left and I'm not sure how much more I need to lose because I'm a little scared to even step on the scale! When I weighed myself a few days ago I was headed in the right direction but still had a good 8 pounds to go in 2 weeks. Anyone else feeling a little demotivated this round?

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Alexandria H.

Living the same struggle - i lost last round by like 2 lbs and am definitely going to lose this round with 9lbs to go... hoping to have a strong September!

Raychel C.

Same here! Plus when I lost last month I kind of gave up for a few days and actually gained a few pounds, putting me even farther behind :joy: argh!

Judy V.

07/04/2020 6:26AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
  • 10.5 mile hike yesterday. Heading out for a run today.

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Aparna P.

It’s so beautiful!

C Webb

Beautiful ♡ Scenery really helps with staying active. I'm in Texas where the pavement or even the trails burn the soles of our shoes:joy:

Mary P.

06/21/2020 11:48AM in Summer Kickoff Transformer - Outdoor Gear Giveaways!
Getting back into exercise has been challenging for me. Could only do 7.30 minutes of a hitt routine. Trying to not beat myself up about it. Each day I will build on the previous day,right? Lol

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Great start! I’m pretty sure I read about a seven minute workout! 7 minutes is exponentially better than zero minutes.


Each day does get better. Started walking again a month ago and had a 18 min mile :-( And today I walked two miles under 14 mins