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07/13/2020 7:40AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
New week new mind set!
Every day is a new day to start fresh. Make the right choices today!

—I challenge you today to walk/ run/ jog 1 mile today and snap a pic if you have a watch or tracker!
( post on the game wall with the caption “challenge accepted )

The app “Map my walk” Is what I used to use to track my steps when i first started. I was over 320 lbs and I pushed myself to walk at least 30 min a night.

A big NSV of min is running 6 miles now with out stopping.

In the past I remember getting home from my 30 min walk and my feet would burn and ache. I didn’t stop though.


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Kouign Amanda

Trish S.

  • Starting the week strong!


06/22/2020 10:36AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
Well welcome!
If you are here from Instagram you know who I am but I’d you don’t, I’m Jessica :) ( GETFITWJESSICA )
I’m 24 years old and I’ve lost over 170 lbs through diet and exercise

I lost majority of my weight in 17 months but everyone’s body is different so do not compare yourself!

After 17 months of the weight loss I was maintaining for over a year and out of no where was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I went through 6 months of chemo and a month of radiation ALL WHILE STILL MAINTAINING AND KEEPING A HEALTHY POSITIVE MINDSET (which is key so never lose that)

I can’t stress the importance of consistency enough, consistency, self discipline and determination is what it’s going to take to during a weight loss journey.

Don’t make this a quick diet, make this a life style! Fill yourself with nutritious foods and
your body will love you!

Good luck to all 💙

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Lynette C.

I have followed you for quite a while. You are my inspiration and I love your positive attitude!


Do you have to weigh in on Wednesdays!
Is that just to be in drawing for prizes!?

Tyina M.

07/14/2020 11:51AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
Teribbly random update/information..and yes, Im actually okay. But did anyone else get crazy news this week that has disrupted their lives? My husband wants a divorce and next week was going to be our 12th year wedding anniversary. I kept with the intermittent fasting schedule and ate to or under my calorie count for the day but completely slacked on my walking.
How are you handling any devastating news during this challenge?

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Salina S.

I'm sorry to hear that. Nothing had happened during this challenge, but I have gone through a divorce. Make sure you take care of yourself! :heart:


Hang on tight ! This is your time to be a powerful women !
Stay calm and just keep going forward!
No one can take your Spirit, that is yours to forever :heart:


07/13/2020 1:23PM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
I hit my goal this morning!
Now to add a little extra weight loss for the finish line 🎶❤🎶

Girlshrinking , Kayla W. and like this comment.

Kristina S.

Good job, me too!


07/12/2020 7:27PM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
Hi Jessica, will you have a-game after this one!
A roll over to the next set of goals!.
Also, please tell me the last day and time to weigh in

Grace N. , april and like this comment.

Corie K

I think weigh in is 20-21!


Hi hi! The next game I’ll be hosting is August 10th!
The last day of this game is July 19th :)


07/12/2020 5:33PM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
Not sure the final weigh in date!
It say July 19th snd also 21or 22.

Carol , april and like this comment.

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Danie E.

I was going to ask the same thing!! I don’t want to miss the weigh in!


It will send a notification when it’s time to weigh in :)


07/06/2020 6:03AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
  • Great Holiday weekend!
    Bike ride every day ????
    Eating with a healthy balance 🎶
    My home made sourdough bread is a part of my meal😊

Mercedes W. , april and like this photo.

Kelsey M.

That looks so good!!


07/05/2020 11:44AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
Did the winners of prize package been posted 🎼❤🎼

Jennifer K. , Carolyn R. and like this comment.


07/04/2020 6:22AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
  • I can't believe the change already 😱 this dietbet is paying off so much and is motivating me even further 🔥

Kateryna C. , Nangaparvat and like this photo.

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Nicole S.

Crazy difference! Great job!


You look great in either pic but the difference is very visible. :thumbsup:


07/01/2020 5:53AM in Jessicas summer time slimming down challenge
  • Summer veggie salad 🎶❤🎶

Carol , Kayla W. and like this photo.

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That looks so good!!

Sophie G.

Looks delicious xx
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