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01/15/2016 10:52AM
Welcome to the “New to DietBet?” group! This group was created to assist new players as they embark on their weight loss journey with DietBet. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in this group’s activity feed. Please refrain from off topic subjects such as game invites. Thank you and have fun!

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What is the going way to detox?

Referee Nancy M.

HI Tara! We recommend consulting with a doctor/nutritionist/trainer about what changes might work best for YOUR body. Everyone is different, so it's best to find someone super knowledgeable who can assess your situation and recommend changes.

Debra C

03/24/2020 6:19AM
This is my second time to join a game. I love that I only concentrate on losing a small amount of weight at a time, makes things much easier.

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Referee Megan

Thanks for joining another game! We are happy to hear the smaller goals are helping you break things down and make losing weight easier. :)

William O.

02/18/2020 2:36PM
The MOST difficult thing is the THE DECISION TO ACT---The rest is merely TENACITY.
amelia earhart

One's tenacity grows greatest with support from others.

Lets do this together!


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Referee Megan

Love this! We are all in this together!

Linda C.

02/14/2020 11:45AM
I joined up and my photos were verified for the two bets I joined. Now what? Do I weigh in weekly or wait until time's up to verify final weigh in? Is there anything essential I should know? Thanks for any help.

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Linda C.

  • I got this message. I thought I only needed to weigh in the beginning and at the end. It says I lost 13.2 lbs but did not reach my goal, and that I can reach it in round 2. But I have until August until I weigh out. I"m confused. What are the rounds about?

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Linda! So sorry for any confusion. A Transformer is divided into six rounds. Each round has it’s own weight loss goal, bet, and pot. You can find your personal goals on your game page, along with the monthly weigh-in dates.

Here's a link to the full rules:

Please feel free to reach out to us as if you have further questions.

- Slim -

02/08/2020 5:17PM
  • Dear DietBet Official,

    I want to sign up for the 3% / 4 week, 2-12-20 ~ 3-10-20 game.
    I understand it comes with a "free 2 week Membership".

    I see that after that 2 weeks the Membership then turns into a
    $7.99 per month membership monthly charge thereafter.

    My question is; can I after 2 weeks simply purchase the $50
    yearly Membership instead?

    Or, if I simply purchase the $50 yearly Membership now,
    can I still join this game?

    Thank you!
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- Slim -

Thank you! Hey, one more question if I may.
It appears that even now that I'm a paid
Member, I still can't see or view the Member
only games listed under the list of available
games to play on my PC, but only on the
DietBet app.

I don't like or use the app and really want to
search for new games on my PC.

Thank you!

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Slim! At this time the best way to find and join member games is in the app. Once you join them you can play them from the PC. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here are links to some of our upcoming games if you'd like to check them out (and if you'd like links to some other games, let us know):

Mega Kickstarter

Flex Kickstarter

Lose 6% in 3 months

Lose 4% in 8 weeks

Susan G.

01/22/2020 5:21AM
Having trouble submitting my weigh in picture from camera roll. Help!

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Susan, sorry to hear you're having trouble! Please ensure you have the most current version of the app: Android v1.19.377
iOS v2.22.282. If not, an update should help.

If you continue to have trouble, you can try on (on your phone or desktop), or reach out to us at We're happy to help!

Bailey B

01/16/2020 4:46AM
Can someone tell me how many times a week I am supposed to submit an official weighin, I became a member and I am getting confused between official and unofficial weigh ins. I’m doing a 4 week kickstarter
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I've been a part of a handful of diet bets now but I've never gotten the membership. I'm looking into joining a transformer, but it's looking like some of the monthly weigh-in days are going to fall at inconvenient timing (a work trip out of town, spring break). Do the weekly membership progress weigh-ins possibly count as early monthly weigh-ins if I've met my goal?

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Jenn, great question! Weigh-ins can be re-used for up to 48 hours (exactly). If you time it right, you can weigh-in and then go to your game when the weigh-in is due to submit your weigh-in using our re-use option. It will not be re-used automatically.

If the timing doesn't work out, you can send an email to and we can assist with an early weigh-in.

Beth P.

01/11/2020 11:52PM
Hi everyone this is my first Diet Bet and I'm praying I meet my goals and maybe some new friends 😀

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Referee Nancy M.

Hi Beth! You've got this, one day at a time! You took the first step by joining a game, that's awesome! If things get tough, remember why you started! Hope you're enjoying your game so far! I recommend checking your game page often for encouragement and support!

Salina S.

01/11/2020 6:15AM
Is there a way to preview a game’s activity feed before joining? I’ve done several games in the past and I liked being able to read those to decide which game to join, to find the right fit.

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Referee Nancy M.

Hi Salina! If there are a few games you are interested in looking at prior to joining we can send you a direct link to view the game feed. We will need to know the game of the game(s) you want to view. Please feel free to email us at

Dispatcher at Large

01/11/2020 4:18AM
I uploaded new progress pics and weight. Only my weight shows and no pics?????

Referee Nancy M.

Hi there! If you'd like to see your submitted photos, you can see them under your profile page in the app and on :)