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01/15/2016 10:52AM
Welcome to the “New to DietBet?” group! This group was created to assist new players as they embark on their weight loss journey with DietBet. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in this group’s activity feed. Please refrain from off topic subjects such as game invites. Thank you and have fun!

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Naomi G.

to withdraw payments with paypal what is the purpose code for dietbet?

Referee Kim

I am not familiar with that, Naomi. Can you please send a screenshot over to us via email at support@ waybetter.com? Thanks!

Kenny F.

12/02/2019 10:11AM
Hey everyone, I just got this amazing weight loss program and I'd really like to see if anyone else is interested in getting it/starting it with me?

Kenny F.

Here's the link if you'd like to check it out https://fe002gmmulezi09fyt-yn7fyay.hop.clickbank.net/?cbpage=wsp

Elizabeth S.

11/21/2019 5:38AM
Anyone in a bet that begins around 12/2/19?? Traveling for Thanksgiving and I don't want to start my first dietbet until I get back into town.

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Elizabeth! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! There are a handful of games starting that day, I'm sure you'll find one that seems like a good fit for you. That's a great time to start!

Rachel P.

11/14/2019 6:31AM
My Holiday Hustle game begins in 8 days! Very nervous but excited to tackle the holidays the right way! Feel free to join me. :)

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Rachel! Hope it's going well! I definitely think playing games through the holidays pays off. Great idea!

Alexis B.

11/03/2019 12:03PM
Hi, I'm Alexis and new to DietBet. I'm looking forward to losing some pounds!

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Good luck!

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Alexis, welcome! Now that you've started, please let us know if you have any questions! Enjoy your game!

Debra H.

10/23/2019 6:56PM
Is there games that last longer than 4 weeks and set a goal at 4%

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Debra, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! We have some new Member-only games and one of them is Lose 4% in 8 weeks. This one just started on November 26. https://www.dietbet.com/games/133496#how-it-works


10/23/2019 7:52AM
How to pair DietBet app with Google Fit or other?

Referee Nancy M.

Hi there! DietBet doesn't sync with other apps in that way. Sorry for any confusion. Our StepBet app, however does and you may enjoy the challenges! Please check out https://waybetter.com/stepbet for more information!


10/01/2019 8:33AM
I'm in a contest that runs September 9 to October 6. My question is: can I post my final weigh-in officially on October 6? The contest says: Final Weigh-In: Oct 7-8 PST. I ask because we are going to a family event late afternoon on the 6th which might hurt my final weigh-in number the next morning.

Referee Nancy M.

Hi there, so sorry for our delay in getting back to you. For future reference, please email support@waybetter.com to inquire about an early weigh-in option. Thanks!

Jaqui V.

10/01/2019 7:08AM
First DietBet - what to the money if nobody meets the goal?

Referee Nancy M.

Hi Jaqui, great question! In that case, the person who lost the most weight wins. :)

ember kate f.

09/20/2019 8:44PM
Hi, I just signed up today and now realise I will . have no way of doing a few of the weigh ins as I will be overseas staying in a hostel for 10 days. I dont have much $$ and feel gutted that I may have to forfeit now. As long as I do my first weigh in and third and 4th will it matter? Or can I pause/cancel the game until I get back.

Referee Nancy M.

Hi there! Sorry we didn't get back to you sooner. Hope you enjoyed your travels! If you still have questions, please email support@waybetter.com. Thanks!