New to DietBet?

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01/15/2016 10:52AM
Welcome to the “New to DietBet?” group! This group was created to assist new players as they embark on their weight loss journey with DietBet. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have in this group’s activity feed. Please refrain from off topic subjects such as game invites. Thank you and have fun!

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What is the going way to detox?

Referee Nancy M.

HI Tara! We recommend consulting with a doctor/nutritionist/trainer about what changes might work best for YOUR body. Everyone is different, so it's best to find someone super knowledgeable who can assess your situation and recommend changes.

Jeremy N.

04/20/2023 8:00AM
Hi! I'm thinking of getting back on Dietbet. They used to send out payments with a check, if requested. Is that still an option?


12/26/2022 7:46AM
How do I create a custom dietbet link? I noticed some people have it.

Stephanie C.

09/21/2020 5:48AM
Hi! I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been so I need this motivation! Thanks for having me!

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Referee Megan

Welcome to the DietBet community!

Jesseca G.

08/26/2020 9:27AM
Hello! I'm brand new and am looking for some new friends. Nice to meet everyone!

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Referee Megan

Welcome to the community! Happy you have joined us!

Keto D.

08/15/2020 4:29AM
I couldn't stop eating without stopping and I was starting to look fatter 🐮 than normal, but thanks to Keto I lost more than 70 pounds with keto in my first year, no rebounds, it's sustainable Thanks to Keto today I feel great !! always satisfied and sure of myself.

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Referee Megan

Way to go!

Vincent M.

07/23/2020 3:33PM
I’m a bit confused. Is a DietBet monthly membership a requirement to join a game?

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Kelly C.

What are the benefits of having a membership?

Referee Megan

DietBet Membership gives you access to features that help make your game more fun and boost your odds of success. This includes:
Weekly Progress Weigh-ins that keep you motivated and enter you to win that week's Progress Prize. Progress Prizes are exciting prizes randomly given to DietBet Members who submitted a Progress Weigh-in during the previous week. The prizes vary from week to week, and are meant to reward Members for holding themselves accountable with regular weigh-ins.
A guided goal-setting journal to help you track your progress

You can learn more here:


06/22/2020 8:04AM
Morning Everyone 🌞 So exciting to be a part of the group & challenge! First time member!

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Referee Megan



06/22/2020 6:18AM
I created my own group as a host ..‘I was given a promo code to get my buy in back .. and now I can’t find it . Can anyone help

Referee Megan

Hey! As soon as you have 5 people in the game send us an email at


06/15/2020 9:08PM
Hi Everyone! I am Fer from Buenos Aires, Argentina! I have a long way to go to reach my healthy weight, but here I am! I wish you the best luck to all of you.

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Referee Megan

Welcome!! happy to have you join us