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Elizabeth G.

05/06/2021 11:19AM in Gut Check with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
  • 21 day fix extreme real time lower fix done ✅

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Jill M.

That's the workout I did today!! Wooo!! We're doin' it!!! :) :) :)

Jill M.

05/06/2021 9:30AM in Gut Check with Autumn & Bobby Calabrese
  • This bit of Autumn wisdom spoke to me the other day as I was doing day 16 of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I had a week of food over indulgence and was ready to get back on track and when she said this during the workout it got me pumped and I felt empowered! I can do this!!!! I can say no! Thanks Autumn!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing that quote. I LOVE it!

Tanya H.

This is great! Thanks for sharing!
Jill M. accepted the challenge.
05/03/2021 9:51AM in Instant Loss Spring Into Summer
The pot is now $26,880

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Mollie D.

04/29/2021 6:07PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Hit the snooze on my 5am alarm and ended-up not getting up early at all today.

    That pushed my walk back until late morning when it was hot and sunny and I had to wear uncomfortable sunblock and long sleeves (I burn easily); and my kid was awake so he had to come with me and I had to get him all padded-up for the scooter; and, also, I really hate the heat because it gives me headaches and makes me tired; and I couldn't walk in the road because the cars were out, or quickly cut across streets because we had to stop at corners and cautiously "look both ways"; and I didn't get any peaceful "me" time; And, and,...

    Lesson learned. I'll be getting up when the alarm goes off at 5am tommorow! And I will leave coffee by my bed to make sure. ☕

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Lisa E.

You stayed committed to your goals Mollie! Not easy to do at times. Nicely done. Best part you did it with your little one. Love it

Luis E.

That is great Mollie. Keep it up!
Jill M. accepted the challenge.
04/26/2021 12:59PM in Fatgirlfedup's Spring Slimdown
The pot is now $54,360

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Rudy C.

03/14/2021 7:36AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
  • Date night last night. It felt good to get out and feel “normal” again. Treated myself to a cheat day with all you can eat sushi. Only up .5 lb this AM. I’ll take it. Down 30 since Jan 1. Feeling great and haven’t fit in these jeans in over a year! 30 more to go! Back on the program today.

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Way to go! You look great :) sushi is my favourite food - plan to have it for my next cheat meal. Yum!

- Slim -

Congrats Rudy, you're crush'n it!


02/20/2021 9:10AM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
8days and 2.5lbs to go...ahhhhh I have completly went high protein no processed food for the next 8 days added salsa dancing...to make goal....I hope I make it!

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Leila C

Throw some simple fasting in there too. Don’t eat after 6pm then don’t eat until 10am

I think your protein plan is a great idea!

Jill M.

You go girl! Salsa you're way right into winning round 2!!!


02/15/2021 8:21PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Backslid this weekend. Got to get back at it tomorrow! Send encouragement please!

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Katherine R.

Get it, Cat!! Every day is a new day to do a little something more for yourself and your goals. We can all do it! Woo!!


I went skiing and indulged too (snow + trying not to fall on snow all day + hot chocolate +carbs/wine) wasn’t pretty when i stepped on the scale but I’m determined to meet round 2 goals-so doing fruits and nuts and tea today and ill see where things shake out tomorrow. We can do this!

Nicole H.

02/15/2021 7:21PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Reduced fat cream cheese (Neufchâtel), Swerve zero calorie confectioners sugar, lemon juice, vanilla, with raspberries and blueberries. It’s like no bake cheesecake mush for lazy dieters and I believe in love again.

Karen L. , Theodora W. and like this comment.

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Jenny V

I’m assuming you melt the cream cheese? Then mix in everything else?

Nicole H.

Nope! Just mix it all in a bowl

Rebecca H.

02/04/2021 2:17PM in The 2021 Game Changer Transformer - $12,000 in Prizes!
Does anyone remember Figamajig bars, if you were trying to lose weight, oh, I dunno, maybe 15 years ago? Dark chocolate covered fig bars? They were so damn delicious but I don't think they make them any more, not sure why.


Cassie C. , dena S. and like this comment.

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P D.

I’ve never heard of it but it sounds good

Rebecca H.

Tasted like healthy bon bons, I loved them so much...never really saw them in stores, used to order online.
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