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Favorite Health Food: Are poké bowls healthy?

Favorite Sinful Food: Taco Bell and Ice Cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: I miss the good old days of Pokémon Go

My Approach to Weight Loss: Focusing on eating low carb/keto, but heavy on the veg, light on meat. Being more active overall.

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

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Meatloaf Lover

02/24/2021 7:07PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
I assume everybody hates me.
I assume I bother people so I don’t call them.

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Bother us please

Andrea E.


... but they usually don’t.


02/24/2021 9:11AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • People always assume I'm tired! Bitch, I just slept 10 hours and I feel fabulous!

    I have no eyelashes, and hooded eyelids that are drooping even more now that I'm in my 50s. And the "bag" under my left eye? That's from a neurological shit show about 10 years ago. God. Back off, already. I'm not tired, and I'm not getting fillers or surgeries to convince you.

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Omg, it pisses me off so much! Whats the point bringing this up? It is like saying "you look like shit, dear". Yeah, maybe Im tired or maybe not. Either way, your bringing this up is not gonna change a thing :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Andrea E.

It’s honestly a really rude thing to say. At Christmas dinner with in-laws, I got “are you feeling okay? You look really pale.” No, Granna, that’s just my face, but thanks.
I’ve got the hoods, always had the bags, I guess more like dark circles but I’m sure the bags are coming. I’ve started worrying about what’s gonna happen to my eyes as I get older, but if I look half as good as you, I’ve got nothing to worry about! :fire:

Andrea E.

02/23/2021 10:55PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • At least I didn’t have brownies!
    This was so good!

    Talked on the phone with my friend for like four hours. I’m so lucky to have her. Do you all like to talk on the phone? Do you call your friends? I always think that I hate it and I very rarely initiate, some of my closest friends and I don’t call each other at all, but I never regret it after, and I always wish I did it more.

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I HATE talking on the phone, but getting used to Zoom cocktails with my BFF, out of necessity.


And btw, brownies would have been awesome with that malbec!


02/23/2021 4:07PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • #ThemelessTuesday

    Tried the gym after work today...I didn't do as much as I usually do, there were so many people out. My anxiety kept flaring, making it hard to breathe properly, and with all the available treadmills, why do people get on the ones closest to me...people make me panic 😂😬

    Going to try my hardest to get here first thing tomorrow morning before work and see how that goes.

    But, on a positive note, I'm half pound away from my first transformer game goal and 3.5 pounds away from this game's goal...woot!

    #IHaveGoals #AlsoWorldsSmallest(Largest?)Bubble #StopInvadingMyBubble #IntrovertProblems

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Wendy L.

Most important thing is that you pushed past the discomfort and got your workout done - go you!!



Andrea E.

02/23/2021 8:51AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • Big ol’ bare belly featuring yesterday’s hair, makeup (or lack of it), armpit hole from high school Smiths t-shirt that I can’t give up, and Sylvia. Couldn’t miss the last one of the month! I’m at about 50% of goal, so there’s no telling how this ones gonna turn out. I replaced the dead veggies in my fridge and I’m ready to give it my best shot! FIN or whatever it is, Thomas, I forget 😄 hopefully I drop a couple pounds after a few days of not drinking wine by the bottle and eating pot brownies every time I enter the kitchen.

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Aaron C.

Oo I need to make myself some special brownies.


Wait...where's this big belly you speak of?

Steven B.

02/22/2021 11:44AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • #BareBellyMonday

sugarshorts , Roni M. and like this photo.

Andrea E.

Ugh, Steven, just get an Only Fans already. I’m sick of playing this game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Andrea E.

02/21/2021 9:34AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • Miss you guys! Been in retreat mode for a minute- not responding well to texts, not answering calls, not checking any social media, and surprisingly, checking out from this group :(
    When I get behind I feel like I have to catch up before I can contribute anything, which can be overwhelming, but that’s not healthy thinking.

    So! I’m going to enjoy #selfcaresunday by picking up the pieces of a neglectful week! Catching up on posts here, on cleaning, gonna inventory the fridge (throw out all the vegetables I let die) and get a plan together to try to end February strong.

    I have to have a lot of discipline for the rest of the month if I’ve got any chance of winning this round. But I can do it! And I’m proud of myself for coming back instead of writing this round off and potentially taking another year long break from something that gives me so much joy and motivation and connection to the world right now.

    I know I’m always blah blah blah’in and writing mental health diary posts here, but dammit if it doesn’t usually make me feel better! And I’m hoping to get to a point where I contribute more happy than sad! This is a happy post :)

    Here’s a pic from Valentine’s Day, because that’s pretty much the last day I was DB and never got around to posting about the nice day I had. <333

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Aaron C.

Glad to have you back Andrea! Sometimes the break from everything is sooo necessary. Seems like this month has been difficult for a lot of people so I hope you've managed to turn yourself back around and keep those happy posts coming! Love the pic btw :smirk:

Andrea E.

You guys are seriously the best! I hate that I need the assurance, but it means so much.

You’re so right, Aaron. It’s beautiful that everyone is so willing to share the bad with good here, and that we can feel less like we are the only one. I’ll try to think of my incessant whining as being relatable instead of just annoying, haha. Thanks for the reminder! Everything you say always resonates hard with me, so thank you for being here, too. :)


02/21/2021 9:24AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • My self care has taken place in the mind this week (And before this week.) I find that, mentally, I am really susceptible to the type of content/media/information that I consume. I have been trying to consume content/information in a way that is healthier and more in line with my mental, spiritual, and physical health goals. I am working on stewarding my attention better when it comes to social media and entertainment. That’s the concept- the implementation looks like less clicks on divisive content and unfollowing companies or celebrities who use their platforms to manipulate emotions and depend on outrage to remain relevant. Have a great Sunday y’all.

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Andrea E.

Interesting! Love this focus

Wendy L.

Love this - great reminder

Keri W.

02/20/2021 9:42AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • #SaturdayShenanigans

    We know how to party.

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Andrea E.

I love this iteration of the game! And this kind of party :)


02/20/2021 8:21AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame 47, #FattyAtHeart
  • A low-key Saturday. Movie time with the kids. My daughter wanted to watch a good Will Smith movie. I Am Legend it is.

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We had to leave the theater in the middle when we saw I am Legend because my son was so freaked out by the virus. That’s his personal nightmare...And that was waay before 2020!

Andrea E.

Don’t forget about Men in Black! Probably my favorite from Big Willie
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