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Stephanie W.

04/22/2023 7:25PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Hydrating 😂

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That’s what I was thinking Josh! You’ll be prepared if the aliens come! Lol

Stephanie W.

I haven’t watched Signs but now I am curious!! Yes I do tend to have a few cups on the go around the house but usually not this bad!!!

Alice B.

04/22/2023 6:38AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
After the great start (rounds 1-2), my weight has been creeping up. I skipped the weigh-in for the last round, but I’m back on track and making good progress. While there’s only a week left, I plan to keep up going.
Hang in there!

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Joan B.

Keep going strong.

Terri T.

That’s awesome

Tabitha P.

04/22/2023 6:22AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Time for some walking and reading.

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Sandy B.

How do you walk and read at the same time?? I would fall over. Lol

Alice B.

I tried stationary cycling and failed...

Esther S.

04/22/2023 3:52AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
I normally don’t post but decided I need the accountability and encouragement. Need to lose 5.2 lbs more before end of the month. Didn’t make last month’s weigh in. Trying to make this month’s! There’s a conference today with breakfast and lunch provided! I’ll be happy if I don’t gain today!

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Stephanie W.

Conferences are tough! Just do your best and drink tons of water

Karla S.

You can do it!! Hope you were able to make good choices with the food available.

Justin S.

04/21/2023 10:27AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
Oh yikes, I'm crash and burning this Bet😭
I had a lot going on the previous month, so I took a break. Then, I was too scared to face the scale.
I finally worked up the courage to get on the scale!
I need to be down 10 lbs by the end of the month. Not sure if that is even possible...

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Chicken and broccoli. Not sexy but it works

Karla S.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You still have until the June for final weigh in. You can do it.

WayBetter Kristin

04/03/2023 12:00AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • How was your weekend? ...and how was the weigh-in?

    Here's a little Monday Motivation reminder Delali shared at the beginning of the game - and many of you shared similar motivation...

    "If you quit now you'll end up right where you began. And when you began, you were desperate to be where you are right now. Keep Going!"

    Share with us where you're at now and why you're going to Keep Going!

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This weekend I started seedlings for my garden with my three kiddos - this is one of my favorite hopeful times of the year when winter in Wisconsin gives way to spring and new life! :seedling:

April M.

I really struggled this past month. I'd lose a few pounds and then would gain it back. This weekend after not making the weigh in I decided that enough was enough. I joined this dietbet to give me the motivation to get under 200 for the first time in probably 20 years. So hitting it hard this next month!


03/06/2023 8:56PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
  • Drove 1,700+ miles in 3 days to rescue this little Great Pyr who was abandoned by ranchers. Technically, her pregnant mother was abandoned by ranchers (which is sadly a common practice because these dogs are categorized as livestock) and this little snowball was the only survivor of the litter. My diet went way off the rails due to stress eating and road-trip gas station food, but it’s all good because it was just 3 days and that doesn’t negate 2 months worth of work. Meet little Siggi, my isbjørn.

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Thank you, everyone!!

Joe, I hope that you start feeling better soon, and I have a feeling you will!!


Aww! We have a Great Pyrenees X named Siggy. :hearts:

Joe A.

03/06/2023 8:33PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
Good night folks. So sick. Been 3 weeks and coughing my head off. Can't go to the gym. Took a walk and wound up wheezing and coughing for an hour. Anti biotics doing nothing. Doctors appointment tomorrows. I miss being well. Sorry. Feel like garbage.

Miss you all

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I’m late in seeing your question about preparing the Oshá tea. The root boiled in water as a tea or drinking a mixture of water or juice from a tincture of Oshá works well. I usually buy the tinctures and take it like a shot (mixed with an inch of water or so). If you use the actual root, you can chew on it after you prepare your tea. If you have any infections in your mouth, gums, teeth, throat…it’ll clear them up. The root can be a little hard to find because Oshá grows at certain 7000+ feet and only in the Rockies area. It also cannot be commercially grown from what I understand. It’s truly a sacred medicine. I hope you’re feeling better!!

Joe A.

@kelley Joelley. This helped heal me up in about 3 days. Thank you

Ash F

03/06/2023 5:34PM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
Every action is a vote for the person you want to become. Whew! That speaks volumes. I’m re-reading Atomic Habits and I forget how great it is. Focus on the process, not the goal. Learn to love the process. All good stuff. What other books have you all gotten inspiration from? Happy Monday!

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I love this message board and also the fitness subreddits on Reddit (r/loseit r/progresspics r/fitness and the like). Atomic habits was a great read…I should dig that up again too!


Chasing Cupcakes. And also Accidentally Overweight. (That gets into a lot of the biochemistry more than motivation - but I'm personally motivated by science! ;)

George B.

03/06/2023 7:27AM in Make the New Year Magic Transformer - $10,000 in prizes!
Last week I completed a 93 hour fast and broke it with Chicken broth. Proceeded to fast again then broke that with Birria tacos and White Castle this weekend in Minneapolis. After I eat I felt it miserable, I can’t believe I use to eat like that just easily and not be affected. If you can safely pull off fasting I highly recommend it. We need to stop being so dependent on food!

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I tried IF but it raised my cortisol and anxiety. I had a coworker who did long fasts. Takes a lot of strength. Well done

Amanda F.

That is not healthy nor the way to lose weight. Fasting can be healthy with proper nutrition before and after
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