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Favorite Health Food: Shakeology!

Favorite Sinful Food: My mom's cream cheese pie recipe

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Beachbody on Demand (Weight lifting)

My Approach to Weight Loss: 2B Mindset, exercise is just extra credit

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

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Tiffany A.

01/17/2022 11:00AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • My lunch today!!! I tried raw cabbage for the first time- it really does bulk up a salad (1 c each spinach and the cole slaw mix, 4 cucumbers sliced and quartered and a celery stalk). I also had a 1/2 c roasted sweet potatoes and 2 chicken meatloaf muffins that were made up in my head and AMAZING!

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Kimberly J.

Made up in my head :joy:
Good job

Tiffany A.

01/17/2022 5:12AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
Ugh! I gained!!! I did everything right yesterday (unless it really was those 3 bites of pasta at dinner). I have to lose 8 pounds in TWO WEEKS!

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Ona O.

Same boat here. Not seeing consistent loss and not sure what I’m doing wrong. But overall I have lost 5 lbs so that’s better than nothing or gaining. Even 1 pound is a step in the right direction and the focus on yourself and your health.

Kimberly J.

Yay! You “did everything right!” (For me, there’s such great satisfaction in that: My old system of self sabotage didn’t win!)
You are doing great!

Nadya G.

01/17/2022 5:00AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Finally reading this book! So good! I have no idea why I waited so long, I had at home for a few months.

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Kimberly J.

I didn’t see the point in reading the book when I thought I already knew her system. {{Wrong.}} Her book helped me lose 22 pounds, back to goal weight! This community is helping me keep it off

Jes D.

The book is really good. I just started to read this month as well after having for a year. My goal is to read before bed every night and when I end my day with it- it sets me up to want to succeed the next day.

Samantha T.

01/17/2022 4:25AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • Did day 1 of 9 Week Control Freak Off the Wall and man was it hard! But it was quick and I liked it, so I think I’ll keep going.
    Down a little this morning! Yesterday I was up .4 and today and was down that plus some. 91% to my DietBet goal! I’m so glad I’ve found something sustainable.

    Edited because I weighed myself after my workout without clothes…I HIT MY DIETBET GOAL! Now to just keep it up!

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Whoops I actually made goal too, I was thinking this was a different Dietbet lol

Kimberly J.

Yay! Congrats on reaching your goal! I’m currently doing my second round of 9 weak control freak. I’ll finish phase 1 this week.
I agree, it’s fun and quick.
It really helps this 55 yo body feel strong!

danielle m.

01/17/2022 3:49AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
NSV first time seeing a weight loss Monday in a month!

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Dawn H.

Woo hoo!!!

Kimberly J.

Best feeling!

Kimberly J.

01/09/2022 1:43PM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
  • I love that my family realizes I have goals! My youngest daughter cooked for my birthday and prepared three veggies most dishes. Even the dessert was in individual portions. I felt so loved!

    I haven’t lost weight yet this diet bet. I’m five pounds from my goal weight, so my brain thinks this I can excuse extra bites and tastes because the last five tend to be slow. No more excuses! I want to win this bet, and I want to lose this last five pounds!

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That's fantastic! Woot!

Dawn H.

Happy Birthday!!! That is awesome!

Colleen P.

01/02/2022 9:24AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
so much SPAM in my email from dietbet

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Kimberly J.

Here in the app go to profile - email settings and turn them off


01/02/2022 2:00AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022

Happy New Year All You Rockstars!!


I want you to feel so good and proud of yourselves for being here today. Pledging to this goal is so important. We need to be in peak physical shape as a means of protecting and optimizing our physical and mental health and wellbeing. Just know that this bet is a win win! There are 2 outcomes that are both fantastic. Either you invested $35 to refocus your energy off of politics and drama and more into a positive routine and community of supportive people. And lose some weight and learn better habits, insights and recipes through the process.
2. You lose 4% or more of your weight in a way that feels energetic, focused, positive and fun and make some extra money in the process. Either way you are a winner and proved that to yourself the second you signed up. Let’s make this fun, inspirational, and uplifting for one another. Let’s cheer each other on more than normal. Let’s post more and like each other's posts more than ever before. Let’s not hold back our inner kindness and cheerleader. The more positive we speak to each other, the better practice we have speaking kinder to ourselves. The less judgemental we are of others, the less judgemental we are to ourselves. You are a winner surrounded by winners. We all have something to learn from one another so please start to share a little bit about yourself in the comments below. Where do you live and what is a non scale victory you hope to achieve in the next 4 weeks?


Let's do this!! 

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Jessica K.

I am so excited to get back on track and feel great again.

Hannah M.

I’m from Illinois. My non scale goal is to fit back into my size 14 jeans that I was wearing before my pregnancy/pregnancy loss, and to curb my sugar cravings

Jayde O.

12/31/2021 6:16AM in Bring Out The True You In 2022
Weight entered! So pumped to do this!!!! I can already tell this group us going to be super motivating! For those doing 2b, what are some of your favorite breakfasts besides shakeo?

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M B.

Banana pancakes! 1 mashed banana, 2 eggs & splash of vanilla. Top with a little yogurt or s-free syrup. Yummy and filling. Usually have a weight loss next day if I stay on track.

Kimberly J.

Two eggs over easy with oatmeal

Kimberly J.

12/24/2021 7:06AM in It's Not How You Start But How You Finish
  • Small loss day today!
    Still .9 away from my diet bet goal which ends tomorrow.

    Unexpected time away from home had me grabbing this at the grocery yesterday for supper. Also had a 90 cal Fage yogurt for protein. Pretty good, but eggplant hands a tough texture.

    B: shakeo with okra and sweet potato
    L: salad kit with rotisserie chicken
    S: collagen in coffee
    Water: 150 oz
    Workout today yoga, thank goodness ‘cause leg day did me in yesterday!

    Merry Christmas  Eve!

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Marie S.

Smart choice! It's hard when not at home!
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