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10/07/2021 7:06AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
Well … I was down 6 lbs , but my body found them in one day. Since this challenge has started , I’ve been super sick off and on. I found out I’m diabetic and have gallstones and have a lot of inflammation throughout my body and swelling in my stomach . Doesn’t matter how healthy I eat, my body is gaining . Next is surgery to remove this gallbladder. That’s my story, but I truly hope everyone else did amazing !!!

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Katy W.

Oh gosh I am so sorry to hear you are so unwell, that sounds horrible. At least you now have an answer as to why and hopefully you can start feeling better soon. Hang in there and keep eating well because even if the scales aren't moving it will still be benefitting your health.


After you recover from surgery you should look up smart sweets. They are yummy and I believe they would be diabetic friendly. My favorites are the swedish fish and sour buddies.


10/03/2021 9:12PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
  • This is a weight I haven’t been in over 6 years (before I started drinking with my ex). It’s a strange feeling. From 325 pounds to under 200. Still have a bit to go, about 20 more pounds. I’ve just posted this with some before pictures on my Instagram. Follow me and I’ll follow you back so we can inspire each other :) @lindsayhjw

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Julie J.



That's an amazing achievement, well done!


09/28/2021 7:28AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
My weight has been up and down up and down and haven’t been feeling well. After breakfast I took my blood and my glucose was 247. (2 hours later) Eeeeekkkkkk ! I have an appointment today. This is probably why my weight is all over the place . Anyone else here a diabetic?

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Stacy W.

Oh my, I'm so sorry about your youngest and your health. Try to do what you can to make healthy choices. Maybe thinking of it as this is something you can control when there is so much right now that you can't? I'm praying for strength for you and for the cancer to go away.


Thank you everyone . My phone died and had to get a new one . Haven’t been able to check messages . Sorry for late reply

Jill B.

09/27/2021 7:28AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
Oh for f sakes… covid positive in my house. At least my husband so far but my 5 sons are all symptomatic too. Thankfully the 2 month old seems ok so far. I refuse to stress eat but dang a donut would be appreciated about now . Myself, husband and oldest child are double vaccinated . Maybe I can get a sweat on intensely sanitizing the house

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Jill B.

So far so good. Hubby is hiding in our bedroom while I take care of the 6 kids, geriatric dog and puppy . Reminding myself to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’ :heart:

Crystal S.

I'm so sorry. For what it's worth, my double vaccinated uncle got Covid a few weeks ago and felt great in 4 days, tested negative again in 10 days. I hope that kind of easy for you!


09/26/2021 9:23AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
  • Omgosh ! I thought I would share . Helps us reach our personal goals and keeps us moving .
    This is a virtual run OR walk 3.1 miles (5k) I bet most of you do this daily or weekly. You set your own time and date . I signed my daughter and I up, since I’m homeschooling . Great PE assignment and we walked (took her a lot longer with little legs, but we did it !)
    You earn a metal shown below and a light weight sweatshirt . I thought I would share and hope everyone is reaching their goals . I was struggling for a few days , but I’m back !!!🎃

    Copy link and it will show you all the great virtual runs or walks you can do . OH ! and treadmills count too.

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It makes it fun ! I had no idea they did virtual runs / walks. Are you running with a pumpkin ?

Ezia A.


Cristal F.

09/25/2021 12:46PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
Struggled in my workout this morning which has knocked my confidence. Anyone else do Crossfit?

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Rene E.

Not every day is going to be a PR day. You did your best today and that's awesome!

Pete F.

Give yourself props for struggling THROUGH it! Get knocked down, get back up and keep going!

Michelle G.

09/19/2021 11:49AM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
  • 5.5 mile walk today...have a great day everyone! ☀☺

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Lindsey M.

That’s awesome!!!!


09/17/2021 1:14PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
I hope everyone’s first week is going well. Happy Friday !!! We can do this !!! Here’s to our health

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09/14/2021 3:34PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
Hello everyone! Wanted to go over a few things for our game! First of all in 2021 we've already lost thousands of pounds and ready to keep losing more! For those of you who may not know me my name is Lexi (fatgirlfedup). I joined my first dietbet in 2016 and it helped me personally to lose 312lbs in two years with diet/exercise. I didn't follow a plan, have surgery, personal trainer, but just counting my calories & focusing on my diet with 30-60 mins of exercise 5x a week in the beginning. Here's a few things to get started & some tips:

- Welcome! Together we are losing pounds and have become a community full of love, encouragement, and support! It brings me great joy to host and I love being part of such a positive weight loss space. We will have others joining us for 13 days so be sure to invite friends, family, and coworkers. You may literally save their life just by getting them to join in on the fun!
- Diet is key! I use myfitnesspal to track all the food i'm eating and it helped me learn about nutrition labels, log my water/workouts, and showed me my progress!
- MOVE! Try to get atleast 30 minutes of exercise 4-5x a week even if it's just walking. Every step adds up! I started with the elliptical 5x a week in the beginning as I was 485lbs and it helped me to not hurt my knees. Start where you can and just focus on moving daily.
- WATER is your best friend! I aim to drink a gallon a day. Water helps to keep you full, boost your metabolism, and can even help your skin while losing weight!
- Let's be friends! Be sure to tag #fatgirlfedupsdietbet on all social media so we can find & cheer each other on!
- PICTURES. Sometimes the scale doesn't tell the full story so be sure to take ALL the before pictures. I promise you WILL want them and we can't wait to see your transformation!
- Any technical or weigh in problems email as they are amazing and super quick with helping!

We're getting closer to crushing the end of 2021 so let's do this! <3

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Gail W.

Thank you for hosting another round! This is my first ever dietbet and I'm ready!


Thanks for sharing your story Lexi, I am just starting out, so this helps.


09/14/2021 12:03PM in Fatgirlfedup's SWEATember Startup
  • Isn't this the!

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Michelle K.



That’s the truth right there. I lived on French fries, Susie Q’s and Dr. Pepper.
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