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Susan G. accepted the challenge.
about 1 hour ago in Mega Kickstarter
The pot is now $6,400

Erin A.

08/15/2022 4:33PM in Member Maintainer
  • What a difference a year makes! These pictures are 1 year apart. I was going through my FB memories today and saw these pictures from last year! Thank you Dietbet for helping me achieve my goals and then some!

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Susan G.

Amazing. You look fabulous

Erin A.

Thank you!

Susan G.

08/08/2022 5:40AM in Member Maintainer
  • The real reason I joined this maintainer….truly enjoyed celebrating my bday this weekend ???? but now I feel gross ????

    It’s Monday so workout done, shake for the road and ready to work off what I put on the past 3 days!

    Happy fresh start day!

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Erin A.

Glad you enjoyed your Bday weekend!

Susan G.

08/05/2022 7:01AM in Member Maintainer
  • I just finished my first transformer and am feeling strong AF!!!!
    Finally back to my comfortable weight and stronger than I’ve ever been before. I turn 40 tomorrow and can honestly say this is the healthiest/fittest/happiest I’ve ever been!
    Now cheers to maintaining!!!!!

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Erin A.

Congrats!!! Such a good feeling, isn’t it? I’m going to be 42 in a month and feel the same way! Happy Birthday!

Susan G.

You are right. Thank you and enjoy your birthday too!
Susan G. accepted the challenge.
08/05/2022 2:36AM in Member Maintainer
The pot is now $230

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Erin A.

08/01/2022 7:03PM in Member Maintainer
Anyone do StepBet? I just signed up for my first one today and it’s definitely going to be challenging for me! My Apple Watch challenge for August is to walk 243.3 miles so I figured it’s a great time to try a StepBet!

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Erin A.

Hi Belinda! I ended up cancelling my StepBet :(. I’ve never really focused on steps and once I saw the goals compared to what I consistently could do it was too much. My Power days were at almost 19,000. Even with my daily workout which is often HIIT and a 2 mile daily walk I wasn’t getting close. Good luck to you with yours!

Susan G.

Oh neat. I haven’t heard of them. I’ll
Check them out. I walk in my job so maybe they’ll be attainable

Erin A.

07/31/2022 4:03PM in Member Maintainer
  • NSV….set out to run 5 miles this AM and ended up running 7! Felt so good! I love early morning runs around our park where we spend our summers!

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Susan G.

That’s amazing. Love your backdrop!

Erin A.

Thank you! It’s so peaceful to run early here!

Molly M.

05/17/2022 4:25AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Accountability check in...
Back up 4 pounds. I plummeted on Friday and Saturday with sweets and snacks. This has been the hardest dietbet I've done over the past 7 years.
I'm logging my food in Myfitnesspal today. I will focus on the macros and staying under calorie budget

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Susan G.

You’ve got this. You’re correcting before you go too far down the rabbit hole.
I love my fitness pal. I use it too!

Alice G.

You can do it!!!!

Susan G.

04/25/2022 8:25AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
  • Almost at the end of round 3. Way to go everyone!!!
    I won round 1, missed round 2 and am not going to hit round 3 😞 (heading to Nashville Wednesday for 5 days so that won’t help either lol) BUT this challenge is giving me more accountability and keeping me from sliding backwards. I’m still making gains…just slowly because I’m choosing to have some of the indulgences along the way.
    I’ll enjoy my mini vacay and be ready to hit it hard with all of you in round 4! 💪????

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Susan G.

Thank you. Officially out of the country :grin:


Stunner! Amazing

Petra O.

04/02/2022 1:24AM in Double Down Transformer - Double Your Winnings!
Do you have to weigh in if you didn't make it? Had a really rough month. Also, will you still be in the game for the long run if you don't weigh in? Thanks in advance!

Leahs losing it , Ann G. and like this comment.

Susan G.

You’re still eligible for the progress drawing weigh ins weekly. Not required to weigh in to continue to the next round though. Weigh in at end of round 5 with at least 6% lost is required to continue on to round 6

miriam d.

I think, I would weigh in anyway, just to have some accountability and an updated start point for the new month :thumbsup:
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