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Tara C.

09/02/2022 5:54PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Just looked up the next game to sign up for and the weigh in day is the day after I go to a Garth brooks concert, which is the day after a road trip. I know I could be really good for those things, butttt I don’t wanna! I want to not worry about what I eat that whole weekend and not blow my goal weigh in day because of bloat. Bummed to find another group, y’all have been great! But glad I’ve hit my goal and excited to hit another after this. These diet bets have kept me motivated to get my pregnancy weight good and gone!

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Tarra H.

I feel you! My vacation is at the end of September and I don’t want to restrict myself too much! Lol. So I’ll be back for October

Tarra H.

08/29/2022 7:10PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Carrot sticks and spinach dip (from the chip isle!) less than 150 calories! Late night salty snack

Pauline T.

08/25/2022 11:23AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Self love for me today looks like catching up on all the housework this morning, so I can relax and enjoy the afternoon with the kids after school stress free and not having to nag at everyone to help. Sometimes I forget to show the value of a helping hand and also show myself it doesn't have to be such chaos all the time if I manage time better I can relax more.

lataplat , Allison C. and like this comment.

Tarra H.

I’ve been trying to find “self love” things that I’ve done this week but they all seem like normal things when your a mom lol or chores! Haha

Kristin B.

08/24/2022 5:54AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Anyone have any low carb advice for breakfast bedsides eggs which I don’t really love? TIA

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I don’t know the carb info off the top of my head but we love cottage cheese and apple butter together for a sweet breakfast. Or whole milk Greek yogurt with peanut butter, flax, and cinnamon

Melissa T.

When I used to do keto I would make low carb pancakes! There’s plenty of recipes on Pinterest! I also bought sugar free syrup, whip cream and berries to top the pancakes

Kelly V.

08/21/2022 1:26PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Low carb, low fat lasagna in the oven, hoping it comes out great! Happy Sunday 😀

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Tarra H.

Definitely looks good! Give an update!

Kelly V.

  • It turned out pretty good, used the hearts of palm noodles

Tarra H.

08/19/2022 4:05PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
The first 10 days I lost weight every day. Even hit my goal by day 10. However the last few days I’ve gained 2 pounds back. I feel discouraged 😫

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How did you hit your goal in only 10 days?! I know everyone’s is different but mines almost 10lbs. (Genuinely curious, not trying to be mean) If you crashed to hit your goal that quickly it’s probably normal water weight and fluctuations. I’d stay on track and I’m sure you’ll go back down.

Tarra H.

I actually didn’t crash diet! I had 12 pounds to lose and my start weight was 305. This is also the beginning of my journey so it definitely comes off easier in the beginning lol. I did drop a lot of things out of my diet. Mainly sugary drinks and started drinking a lot of water and actually working out! I figured out I was starting my period soon so that was the reason for the weight fluctuation.

Tarra H.

08/12/2022 8:21AM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Low carb tortilla pizza!!!

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Allison C.

Tortilla pizzas are an all time favorite of mine

Abby W.

Omg!!! Yes they are the best!

Abby W.

08/11/2022 1:20PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • I'm going to get dinner with family tonight, but I got home from work and was really hungry. Usually I would hold off and wait until the dinner with my family comes around and enjoy all of the amazing food my grandma so lovingly offers. And because I was so hungry from ignoring my hunger earlier in the evening I would always over eat. Well today I am trying out a new approach to this. I am letting myself have a snack that is delicious and fulfills my current hunger to avoid over eating later. (I will let you know how that goes 😉).

    Anyway! I also wanted to share what I made! I call it a snack pizza, and I know it's nothing new but just wanted to have an excuse to post on here. It's lower in calorie and is well balanced in carbs, fats, and protein. I topped mine with some banana peppers 😋

    If I were to have this as a meal I would probably make two and have a side salad with it. Anywho, thanks for letting me ramble! Love you lots ❤

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Tarra H.

Definitely trying this tomorrow!


I just bought a whole bag of these tortillas last night, what a great idea to use them! Funny story, there is an amazing pizza place by my husband's office that makes delicious thin crust, and they cut the slices small so they come out with more than the usual 8. Sometimes he brings home a pizza and claims it's his "snack pizza" haha

Tarra H.

08/10/2022 5:03PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Salad for date night!

cindygrape , bostonBecks and like this photo.

Allison C.

08/10/2022 12:19PM in _FinallyLosingWeight August AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
We are already half way through week one!! How are you feeling?

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Kelly V.


Lisa P.

It's nice to see the numbers on the scale heading in the right direction- keeps me motivated to eat what I planned!
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