I want to enjoy life to the fullest and not have my weight hold me back.

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Favorite Health Food: Overnight oats

Favorite Sinful Food: Torchy's tacos and crumbl cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: walking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calorie deficit

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06/28/2022 8:25AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
I love losing weight and all the benefits I'm experiencing but sometimes I just miss my old lifestyle of eating whatever I wanted without counting calories. I hope one day I will get to my goal weight and be able to find a happy medium between eating what I want and actually being healthy. I definitely don't want to spend my whole life counting every calorie I consume.

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Kristina C.

Girl, yes! I feel the same!


06/24/2022 6:50PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Self love.

Not stressing over calories at the moment. I am not expecting myself to win this dietbet, if I do I will be surprised. Mentally I am not in the best place and because of that my eating habits are not the best right now. It is something I am working on, I am giving myself grace to figure it out and not putting myself down when I fall back into coping with food. I am aware I am doing it and trying to get passed it by journaling and finding other ways to cope. But it isn't always successful. I'm hoping I can improve my mental state and start to feel better soon and find a healthy coping mechanism that actually helps or replaces my need for coping with food. Anyone have any healthy coping mechanism they use that they want to share?

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Ariel C.

I binge eat when I feel any kind of emotion. I used journalling at first. But I’m currently in the middle of moving so all my stuff is packed. My coping mechanism now is moving. My dogs love going for a walk and honestly when I slow down, they keep me going. There are easy workouts I use on YouTube when I’m not with my dogs. The moment you have that thought to eat, take a step and keep moving. Take a walk into your backyard, around the block. The more you move, the better you feel!

Jessica P.

It’s wonderful that you can identify it and are giving yourself grace. I too have had a rough month. I don’t think I’ll be meeting my goal for this challenge either and I just have to accept it and try to get back on track for the next one, not give up. Feel free to text me in times d see off some motivation or if you just need to vent or share frustration. 763-213-2115


06/17/2022 3:59AM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Yay! I am finally feeling better, my antibiotic have started working. I can't remember the last time I got strep throat but I for sure do not ever want it again. I'm getting back to counting my calories today so I can be in a deficit and probably going to try and get my house picked up.

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Julie M.

Oh it’s been going around! Crazy


Strep throat is rough! I hope you feel better soon!


06/15/2022 7:19PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
Been sick with strep throat. I haven't counted my calories the last 2 days but I know I consumed more calories than I normally allow. Tomorrow I am going to go back to calorie counting, I just wanted a break since I'm not feeling well. Got my antibiotic started today so hopefully I will be feeling even better by tomorrow. I was excited to do this week's step challenge but I don't think I'm going to get to 10,000 any day this week. Mostly resting and I'm super tired.

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Hope you feel better asap.


Thank you! Me too! I hate being sick.


06/11/2022 8:19PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • I did good today!

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06/10/2022 7:49PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • I had a high calorie day. Lunch was a cheat meal. I didn't end up eating dinner because I was still full from lunch and honestly I didn't feel that great at dinner time from eating my cheat meal. I feel better when I eat better. Walking now to burn off some of the calories.

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06/10/2022 3:35PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • I seen this on FB, it called me out for my snacking at midnight last night.

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06/08/2022 6:05PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
  • Food logged for the day! Wish I could have gotten more protein but I am at my calories for the day.

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Allison C.

06/07/2022 8:18PM in _FinallyLosingWeight June! AS SEEN ON TIKTOK
POV - you are here from the May game

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Sophie W.

April and may :relieved: