Victoria H.

To be more healthy, for my clothes to fit again so I don't have to buy more, to feel better about my self image.

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Favorite Health Food: broccoli - spinach

Favorite Sinful Food: warm cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: Remember to be kind to myself (this is new for me) Stop being my own bully!!!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Paleo Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $118.33

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Victoria H.

06/28/2022 7:57PM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
I’m so ready for this to start. Last month, during the last Diet Bet, my dad fell and broke his hip and collar bone. While he was in the hospital, I stayed with my mom at night (she too is a fall risk) so life was (and still is a bit) upside down.

Now, one of my dear friends who is 84, who has lived a very independent and vibrant life will go into assisted living because scoliosis has now crippled her and she is wheelchair bound.

I’m 54, healthy, just now starting peri-menopause, but so stressed out living with helping the elders in my life, I’m losing it mentally.

I see my future and worry about it. I’m trying to focus on one day at a time, but fuck! It’s getting to me today.

Ok. Vent over. I’ll get some sleep and keep on tomorrow! Water! Veggies! Weigh! Track! I got this!!!

Love and peace. Love yourself.
Please be kind to elder people. They feel helpless.

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Karin V.

Now it's time to think about yourself too - and care for yourself. Great that you are here. Let's do this!

Dawn S.

You are awesome.

Victoria H.

06/05/2022 8:50AM in Mid-Summer Push w/ Ilana Muhlstein
What all do you put in your salads? Do you chop everything up small or leave them pretty big chunks?

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Melissa S.

I do mix of lettuces, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, carrots, pepitas or avocado and I make the creamy garlic dressing from fixate. It’s delish! Then add protein. I love this salad.

Dawn S.

I vary. Almost anything goes in my salad. I don't do any soy as I have tummy issues with it. I use simply dressed dressing (made with canola oil) or make a simple olive oil one

Deborah M.

05/25/2022 4:12AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Do those of us who didn’t meet our goal get to know how much the winnings will be for those who did? I want to know to give me some extra motivation to stay on track for my next diet bet! Also I was .6lbs away :,(

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I have won 16 games before this one, my average (w/o including bet $) is $15, the most I’ve won was $23, and the least was $3(but the $3 one was a $100 bet)

Kaleena G.

It was about $57 this time.

Victoria H.

05/24/2022 4:59PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
So not sure how to handle this. I am 5 pounds away from my goal weight. So that will be 4% weight loss. If I lose that weight between now and the beginning of the next Bet, do I just pay the money knowing I won’t make it back? And knowing y’all help me so much these months the Bet is on?
How have you handled it?
Thanks for all the support you all give. Hugs

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You can wait and see if you lose the weight before the next game starts. You can even join a game up to 2 weeks into it. Also, one you’ve reached your goal, there are maintainer games (for members).


Congratulations to being to your final five! I’ve joined some Diet Bets because I was really interested in what that host was teaching. If you don’t have the weight to lose, you can join and view it as a learning or community access fee. If you want to do a diet bet for accountability after you’re at your goal weight, there are maintainers where you stay within 3% +/- of your body weight for a longer period of time, like 8 weeks. Good luck!

Victoria H.

05/23/2022 9:16AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Thank you Ilana and everyone here for your support and guidance. I’m 1 pound below my pre-Covid weight and 5 away from my goal weight!!! I didn’t think I could do it this time due to lots of family stuff happening, but you gave me the support and the motivation I needed. THANK YOU! We got this. Keep going everyone.

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Karin V.

Congratulations! You have the right name to be a winner !

Julia F.

05/23/2022 7:49AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • I’m down 21 pounds since January and 16 of that has been thanks to Ilana’s last two DietBet games. Thank you Ilana and all of you guys for the journey. See you in July! I am joining Elise Joan’s group starting May 31 to stay accountable.

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S B.

Losing the stomach is the best feeling!

Julia F.

Elise Joan is also a Beach Body personality, part of the new Fire and Flow program, I think. Here's the link to her game:


05/19/2022 2:00AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Hi Everyone! It's Live Q&A Time Again!! Please post your questions below: If you see your question has already been asked then, please just "LIKE" it and I will do my best to answer the top 5-6 "LIKED" questions.
Ilana Muhlstein is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 941 9194 7914
Passcode: 128215
One tap mobile
+16699009128,,94191947914#,,,,*128215# US (San Jose)
+12532158782,,94191947914#,,,,*128215# US (Tacoma)

Dial by your locationa
+1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
+1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
+1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
+1 646 558 8656 US (New York)
+1 301 715 8592 US (Washington DC)
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 941 9194 7914
Passcode: 128215
Find your local number:

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Meagan W.

More tough love to help us all have a WLW!

Julia F.

what time, same as other calls? (12:30 PST)?


05/16/2022 2:00AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • It's officially the last full week of the dietbet!!!! If you feel like it's late and you're tired, DON'T let that get in the way of your goals! This week is going to be a grid! Prepare those veggies!!! Fill up those water bottles! Plan out those meals and accessories, and share with your friends and family and this group your intentions. Let us know your plan in the comments below as well, so you're even more accountable.

    You can do this! You can lose a another 1-4 pounds by the weigh out. FINISH STRONG!!!! #mondaymotivation

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Linda L.

Plateaued a bit but need to drink more water and add a little cardio


I'm 2 lbs away, so I'm tracking everything on This morning's breakfast: 2 coddled eggs; 2 slices fresh tomato; 2 oz's (6 pieces) steamed asparagus = 144 calories, 5 carbs, 1 fiber, 12 protein.

Victoria H.

05/15/2022 7:39AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
This diet bet has been tough. 2 work trips, one being a conference and like a family reunion with friends I haven’t seen in 2 years.
Then I got a call that my dad fell and broke his collarbone and hip. Needing to stay with my mom. Not the best circumstances to stay on track. Trying to keep water first and veggies most. But the stress and not being home with my own food is throwing me off.

Just needed to get this out. Today is a new day. I’ll make it a great week and focus on the end game.

Thanks y’all.

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Hope your father is okay!


I hope your father is okay. If you can got to the market pick up what you need to keep you on track while you are with your mom. You got this!


05/13/2022 2:03PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!

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Deborah M.

Needed this!!

Victoria H.

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