Victoria H.

To be more healthy, for my clothes to fit again so I don't have to buy more, to feel better about my self image.

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: broccoli - spinach

Favorite Sinful Food: warm cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: weights

My Approach to Weight Loss: Remember to be kind to myself (this is new for me) Stop being my own bully!!!

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Paleo Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $242.92

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Sylvana G.

11/14/2022 10:52AM in Finishing Strong Is Epic With Ilana Muhlstein
It was not a weightloss weekend and instead it was a weight gain one. These ups and downs are hard but I know they’re part of the process.

Things I’ll work on this week:
1) water goal
2) reduce treats (not restrict but reduce)

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Erin A.

Great goals! I’ve really been struggling with water lately and the scale definitely reflects it!

Sylvana G.

Yup, it can be so easy to fall off the water habit. Definitely have noticed it’s huge impact. Never would have thought it before.

Jamie F

10/31/2022 5:14AM in Finishing Strong Is Epic With Ilana Muhlstein
When I first heard about this one and saw the end date, I thought no way! December is one of the most stressful months and having to weigh in right after Christmas 😱. I’m glad I joined though. I’m tired of feeling like crap after stress eating or mindless holiday snacking!

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Erin A.

Definitely going to be a tough one! First time I’ve signed up with the mindset of doing it for accountability and being okay with not hitting goal. I love these groups and definitely need the motivation and inspiration to get through the next 2 months!

Sylvana G.

Can you believe I was so excited to rejoin this community that I failed to look at the end date?! Ayyy ya yi lol. Oh well. The good news is once again I joined without the intention of weightloss. I’m willing to “lose” this DietBet (again) in order to “gain” inspiration, support, and positivity as I heal from past habitual dieting wounds! Realized I did exactly that in last months DietBet here.

Sylvana G.

10/29/2022 11:17AM in Finishing Strong Is Epic With Ilana Muhlstein
Does anyone find themselves “self-sabotaging” or getting strong cravings once you’re about to reach a new decade? I’m two pounds away from going into the 130s and apparently struggling. Had cravings yesterday, didn’t fall for them but just acted on them now that they came back. :/

Any tips on this?

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Lauren N.

Yup! I’m working on my health mindset. I do great during the week, and then on the weekend I tend to junk binge. My goal is to break this unhealthy habit.

Sylvana G.

I’m working on that as well @Lauren so my goal has switched from weightloss to binge recovery. I’m working on adding in treats so that I can break ties with restrictions and diet mentality. It’s tough but I’m working on it. New at it but I see changes.

Victoria H.

10/23/2022 9:53AM in Finishing Strong Is Epic With Ilana Muhlstein
  • Costco find. I’ll put nutrients pic in comments.

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Rebekah K.

I just bought these for the first time last week. So yummy :yum:! I made a chicken and veggies stir fry with them for dinner!

Erin A.

Thanks for sharing! Hitting up Costco tomorrow and will add to my list!

Victoria H.

10/17/2022 5:55PM in Finishing Strong Is Epic With Ilana Muhlstein
So the last bet is the first one I didn't win. I'm trying to be OK with it. Long story, I've started a new job and traveling more. Eating out, entertaining clients and coworkers, not having a scale - all confounding variables that I need to learn to deal with. I may need to lean in here for guidance. Thanks for being a great support system.

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Erin A.

I find these groups to be so helpful and so important for my success. I won the last one, with hitting the goal right on the number. It was the first one I wasn’t well under and I know I never would have made it without my daily check ins for accountability. I understand your frustrations and with struggling to be okay. But the important thing is you are here now and I love the head start on motivation and sharing we get! Congratulations on your new job

Rebekah K.

I totally get how frustrating it can be for everything to change so drastically. Focus on one day at a time. I am rooting for you!