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Meredith B.

05/19/2022 1:09PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Giving it all i got the next 3 days! Who is with me!!!!????

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Miranda R.

Yes we got this! 2.5 lb to go! .5 lb or more per day!

S B.

This is a great quote!


05/11/2022 1:39PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • My healthy birthday potluck at work! Yummmmy!!!

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Meaghan R.

Happy birthday!


So much better than bagels & donuts! I brought egg bites to the office meeting yesterday, they were a huge hit! Gone in 5 minutes!

Jean V.

05/11/2022 1:26PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Anyone have some helpful tips for night time snacking? When I’m home alone in the evening I tend to lurk around the cabinets and eat stuff I really don’t need. I’m not hungry, I’m just eating. Any help to kick this terrible habit would be amazing. Thanks in advance!

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I have a mini egg bite cooker so it's easy to make them in the morning with last night's leftover veggies and save a few for snacks.

Hazel Rain

I kicked this one by just going cold turkey. and then follow up items are: dont have any packaged snacks, my partner is not allowed to eat in our bedroom after dinner, put any snacks in our outside pantry space (out of sight and out of mind), treat myself earlier in the day (if i would want chips or ice cream after dinner, give myself the treat after lunch instead), drink tea or even a fancy homemade decafe coffee.
Theses are all the things that have helped me. Also i try to not stay up too late.
I have eaten after dinner a few times and noticed that i always feel like crap after, sleep more poorly and waky up SUPER hungry when I do. So now the intrensic motivation to be dinner and done is much higher.

Kristin M.

05/10/2022 2:21PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Ok so, doing liift 4, and walking a ton. I am SOOOOOOO hungry all the time. Anyone have any good go to protein snacks? Veggies just don't cut the hunger.

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Carolan D.

I always add a protein or healthy fat to my veggies. That helps a ton!
Ilana has so many great dips she uses.

I do love Greek yogurt with a beacbar crumbled up with strawberries. Yum yummy!

Katie C.

If i am doing more lifting, I follow the muscle building guide for 2B on beachbody. It is plated like a smaller version of lunch. I usuall have 1/4 piece of breakfast brownie and veggies with a bit of dip. At night you can add some ffc to your dinner. I don't always need too but will add some beans to my salads if i feel depleted and like i need it

Holli H.

05/10/2022 11:01AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
  • Just started this book. So good!

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Holli H.

I’ll check it out!!

Holli H.

Just ordered it! So excited for this 60 day devotional and book to help me lose the last 20 pounds of emotional weight along with 2B Mindset and fun fitness!


05/10/2022 2:00AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!

Happy Tuesday, friends! So I’ve been reading your comments, and it seems like some of you have gained over the weekend - but hey, know that it’s ok and expected to fall off for a moment and you can totally still reach your goal.

Here’s a tip that works and will keep your week positive and strong: Focus on 2 lbs at a time!🙌

For many people, expectations about weight loss are way too high. If you know that you have a lot of pounds to lose, and the scale is not moving or goes up a few ounces, you go nuts. Bring it back down to focusing on two pounds at a time, and it will start to move. If you’re focused on too big of a number, it’s going to completely overwhelm you. Focus on two pounds—or even two ounces—and it will give you more momentum to realize the scale is actually moving.

For more resources to help you through this even easier, go to and watch: “Help, I’m at a Plateau”, “Help, the Scale Went Up”, and “Mindset Makeover”!! It’ll help. I promise you, you got this! 😉

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That’s my mantra and I lose way better that way

Devin J.

I hit my goal fairly early but I know I had a lot of bloat at the beginning of the bet. I actually lost weight over the weekend but gained about half a pound on Monday lol. Not sure why but I'm continuing to stay the course and not let it bother me unless I see a steady increase. There are so many things that go into the number on the scale, but I've learned to just trust the process and keep going! I was in the best shape of my life after having one baby, so I know I can get there again after having #2.


05/08/2022 10:06PM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
Hey rockstars!! How was everyones mothers day?? How did we do? What is everyone intentions for the week?

We got this!



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Gwen G.

So proud of myself. Went out to a buffet. I Had Ham, Veggies & chicken my dessert was an orange. No salad just roasted veggies. Went back for seconds on those. I did have a 6oz mimosa but then just water. :heartpulse::blush::cherry_blossom: rest of the day was good. Thanks Ilana :cherry_blossom:

Jessica F.

This was my first Mother’s Day and it was so special! We went out to lunch but I didn’t go crazy and we went for a nice, long walk after! I was not disappointed with my choices at the end of the day so that’s good! :)

Carolan D.

05/03/2022 5:14AM in Spring Into Your Summer Bod!
I just cleaned out the freezer-- I've somehow managed to have a stash of muffins, cookies, brownies....

All gone now!!! Nothing I need to have tempting me 🙌

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Elizabeth C.

Way to go!

Valerie M.

A fresh start!! You are inspiring me to see what’s in our freezer!