I am not actively trying to lose weight but maintain a weight loss. Sometimes I fluctuate!

I've gained 5 lbs since the Spring thanks to lots of vacations and events... This is the kick in the butt I need!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Vegan Protein Powder

Favorite Sinful Food: Baked Goods without Food Labels

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running and group exercise classes

My Approach to Weight Loss: Eat clean and not outta boredom!

DietBet Winnings: $38.22


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01/21/2018 2:37AM


06/04/2014 8:38AM
Thank you for hosting Sarah! Im just starting my second DietBet and loving it!!


02/04/2014 5:37PM
Yayyyy Sarah!! We are gonna rock this challenge!


10/27/2013 11:34AM
How are rankings determined. We are finding that whenever someone reaches their goal, they are told they are in 1st place. Is it by the amount you lose that week, the amount you lose overall, or how much weight you lose over your goal weight? Thanks! :)

Stephanie S.

10/04/2013 1:04PM
Hi Sarah! This is my first dietbet. Thanks for doing this and good luck.


06/22/2013 9:27AM
Hi Sarah! This is my first dietbet and I have a question. I'll be flying out of town on July 1st. Can I submit my weight a day early? If not, do we have to use the same scale? Because then I'll have to pack my scale!

Cory B.

06/03/2013 9:30PM
Hey Sarah, this is my first time doing this.. need this type of motivation, as I am very competitive. Just joined your bet! Can't wait to get started!


WOohooo! Welcome Cory :)

Loloah C.

06/03/2013 3:20PM
Hello Sarah!
I just joined the new summer diet bet, but I'm waiting until tomorrow morning to weigh in (June 4th). Is it a problem?


No not a problem at all!


04/27/2013 6:57PM
Question: Hi, I just joined the contest (2 days late.) I also just submitted my weigh in photos. While it recommends morning weigh ins, it also says that you should try to keep all weigh ins to the same time of the day. My question is: since I had to do my initial weigh in during the evening (the time I joined), can I do my subsequent weigh ins in the morning?

Cammy P. likes this message.


Sure! It really doesn't matter too much but you do tend to weigh more at night so you should be able to make your 4% goal now! ;)


04/25/2013 1:09AM
Thanks for this, it's my first diet bet, so I am super excited! :) Yay! Love your channel and website/blog man, you rock!

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