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08/12/2022 9:49AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Hi Everyone! For those of you who missed the Live Call today here is the recording.

Have a great weekend you got this!!



Robinblythe , Christine H. and like this comment.

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Thank you for recording!

Jackie B.

Thank you :heart:

Jennifer L.

08/10/2022 11:17AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • It’s hard to always stay motivated. I hate doing lunch. I’m a morning and dinner person. Even if I don’t want to eat a classic lunch, I’m always really satisfied with the taste and everything after. My Bf order Tim Hortons delivery this morning ans I asked him for an Apple fritter. It wasn’t delivered. I took that as a sign to continue to eat healthy.

Laura M. , Devin K. and like this photo.

Cindi D.

Yummy. What’s sprinkled on the cucumber. EBTB seasoning?

Jennifer L.

It’s call salad seasoning. There was a bit much :joy:

Megan W.

08/09/2022 7:49AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Hello Lovely People!!

    My name is Megan and I just joined this group today. I live in South Carolina with my husband and 8-year-old son and I have over 100 pounds to lose. I’m so ready, and it’s such a pleasure to meet you all!

    I have a question for the group:

    What are your thoughts on diluting apple cider vinegar in water to drink every morning? Is it necessary or helpful? ☀

Sarah C. , Rachel G. and like this photo.

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Anna S.

I used to the apple cider in the AM but it just gave me apple cider burps and no health benefits I could measure, I stopped.

Cindi D.

Hi Megan! I am losing the same amount. I’m 20 down. We can do this. You’re beautiful, and now you’ll be healthier!

Meredith F.

08/09/2022 6:12AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Workout done- total body tempo from 630.

    Now some Breakfast skillet hash with some herb goat cheese crumbles, raspberries and a half cup of coffee! Full and satisfied! Now all the water going down…

Danae H. , Sarah C. and like this photo.

Cindi D.

Is the goat cheese enough protein for a breakfast? Looks amazing.

Meredith F.

No but the breakfast skillet hash has a little turkey sausage and an egg in it as my main proteins. Thanks! It was tasty.

Krista M.

08/09/2022 2:14AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • I want to get everyone’s opinion. What do you think of a breakfast like this for following 2b guidelines. The eggs are on a slice of whole grain toast (hard to see because the eggs) but the toast macros follow a FFC perfectly. Do you think adding this little bit of fruit along w the bread is too much FFC ? Do you think I should pick one or the other? I love fruit in the morning it just makes me feel good but I also love a good crunch bread to feel satisfied. I’m going to track and see but I wanted some opinions :)

Margaret P. , Laura K. and like this photo.

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Heather M.

I would try it! It would depend for me if I was working out or not. I tend to need so much more food at breakfast when I’m doing intense workout programs. I’d prob add an egg if I added the fruit

Cindi D.

Well, when you think of the banana pancakes, berries are in the recipe with the yogurt, and there’s a large banana already in the pancakes. I’d track and see.


08/09/2022 2:00AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Hey Rockstars!! Hope your having a great day! Here is one of my favorite Ilana-ism! What is one thing that when you eat it it gives that energy that confidence that glowing feeling?

irena p. , Tanitra S. and like this photo.

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Tena T.

yogurt with berries and topping made half of granola, and half crushed nuts. In a small serving.

Miranda R.

Shrimp on zucchini zoodles with pesto sauce

Corinna C.

08/08/2022 11:36PM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
Omg.. I wish I would have a supportive family... I told mine that I've started a new program and I get the.... "Another one? Really think this one is gonna work?"
From my sister I was told how bad it is to mix raw and cooked food and to drink water before a meal because it dilutes your digestive juices... Well from someone who weighs 110 pounds it might be important but for me (double that weight) I might just be happy to eat less at the moment and to finally find something that hopefully works.
So, today is my first day with the program and I'm super happy that you are all here..
❤❤❤Big thank you ❤❤❤

Danae H. , Laura K. and like this comment.

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Welcome to our group!! Post often. We are here for you.

Cindi D.

I am sorry you have no support. Lean on us. We will do that.

Cindi D.

08/07/2022 11:18AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Wow. Hot little suckers. But a really tasty snack!

Laura M. , Debbie R. and like this photo.

chenais S.

I love the carrots too!! So great !

Kayla R.

08/07/2022 5:37AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein

  • ok monster in law is here.. was supposed to stay with sister in law but cannot due to life.....

    she stressese out and JUDGES everything i do...been 3 days and im already up on scale!

    today took control and started a day with a run before she got up to pass judgement as a laced up! (also caught up on Friday's call❤)

Laura K. , Bridgette J. and like this photo.

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Cindi D.

Congrats on the run! Why are you letting her affect you? Maybe it’s my age…I do remember allowing my own in-laws to get to me. But, girl, you’re a grown adult and you’re fabulous! Ignore her and focus. You can do this!!!

Kayla R.

thanks everyone for the support!!!!

Meredith B.

08/07/2022 5:22AM in Your Summer Slimdown w/ Ilana Muhlstein
  • Hi! I need to engage with this group more but it’s been so challenging lately! ?We had to travel and had so much going on in the month of July and it’s the same with August! Plus I just found out I didn’t get a promotion at work I applied for and our dog has cancer again.?? Our daughter (my bonus daughter) is getting ready to have a baby and he’ll be our first grandchild. I’m trying to get things together to make me a priority but it’s been really hard.? I came into the picture when the kids were 10 and 12 so I’ve been around for a long time but it’s always been me and this is very challenging. HELP! Any advice from your mamas or grandmas out there? I’m starting to get overwhelmed and I’m letting myself go as far as making me a priority timewise! ?

Anita L. , Dlux and like this photo.

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Anita L.

Simple meal choices would help. I make a batch of food then warm it up all week for either my lunch or dinner. You want to have as much energy as you can to keep up with your new grandson!! You’ll love being a gramma! :heart:

Meredith B.

Thanks y’all!!!
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